Friday, October 31, 2008

You knew it was gonna happen...

My oven isn't working. Light's on but no one's home. Literally. Brain dead.

No I've not gone mental on the workies, since they aren't here. The electrician told me. Since the oven is still under guarantee, I've called the shop and they've arranged an engineer to come out on Tuesday to fix it. Hopefully.

Not all that gleeful about the new kitchen now, but at least the hob works, so I can cook with the pans.

Just my kind of luck, really.

Chinese for dinner tonight, then. bah.


Roxrocks said...

But your kitchen is still beeeeoooootiful! Smile!

Hope said...

Hey hi! I hope you don't mind me popping into your forum all unannounced and such *shy eyes*

But...but...I had to tell you...

Happy Hallowmeme! I tagged you in my blog, now you have to play =D

Maja said...

Bloody bugger hey.

Shorty said...

What dishes are you ordering (holds chopsticks in hand!)

Victoria said...


I just caught up on reading your blog - and you are very funny!

BTW your blog looks great. Every time I visit it's completely different - what's going on!?

Love your kitchen, love that photo of you - and, believe it or not, I love Jerry Lewis!

(King of Comedy? A more serious turn - but somehow still a favorite..)