Saturday, October 04, 2008

We don't care about the VP

Apparently. I wasn't going to be up at 2AM to watch the VP ebate so after I'd dropped off the kids and gone to the gym (I have my priorities) I went to the newsagents to get a paper to get the highlights of the debate. Twelve papers and not one cover had the VP debate. Nothing. I was wondering if I'd gotten the dates wrong but no, no I was certain as everyone was talking about it being on last night. So isn't that weird? I thought it was weird. The Pres. debate got covers but the VPs? Who cares about them? Well I kinda did because of the...erm...comedy factor and issues and other stuff.
I was able to watch the full debate from the BBC news website but again the BBC wasn't going to repeat this debate like it did for the Presidential one, which was rebroadcast twice. So I got my pen and paper and took notes while watching, a few times enjoying the pause button to spill out my thoughts before moving on. Here's the first impressions as Biden and Palin spoke.

  • Is Palin in mourning? What's with the black dress - it's icky. Not as icky as Michelle's flowered nightmare.
  • Palin must stop winking. She's no Ann Robinson.
  • She is giving Maverick a bad name. Poor James Garner.
  • How is fur more years of the same old shit "New and exciting" stuff from a team of Mavericks. A team of Mavericks. We've now cloned James Garner?
  • Hockey Moms...fuck off.
  • How can she say we must not live out of our means and then say it's not the people's fault? She's removing the responsibility of those who thought themselves too grandiose to live in a smaller home victims instead of dipshits. The evil "predator lender", skulking around wanting to give us money and debt - only if we are dumb enough to sign the contracts.
  • She just said in debate "I may not answer your questions but I'm going to talk directly to the American people..." No really - answer the fucking questions. That's how you can talk me. this is a debate, not the Sarah Palin show. We want to hear how you're going to get folks out of the mess this mortgage collapse has caused. I don't give a fuck about your Alaskan governorship track record. Time and place, Mrs.
  • Gwen is confusing me with her waffled question.
  • Biden speaks tp the "Middle Class" and says 95% of tonight's viewers are middle class. As if to say the earners of $250K+ aren't all that bothered about this debate. I want to see the stats on that. (May explain why I found no newspapers)
  • $5000 dollar credit for health care coverage. I don't get this. What is the cost of giving birth these days and how far would $5K go? Sounds like a big number but it won't apply to much in reality.
  • Biden's comment of $5K as the real bridge to nowhere was funny.
  • Palin is an expert on energy? Show me how she's an expert on energy. Sitting on energy doesn't make one an expert. Will look up later.
  • Windfall tax sounds interesting. She's making a good point.
  • Biden completely overturns the windfall tx - wow! Had thought she was getting a point for taking on "big oil", but no.
  • "Corruption and Greed" are her new buzzwords for this segment of the debate. Snore.
  • Will she ever go with the flow of the debate? We're done with energy - no more go backs - talk about mortgages you issue dodging cow.
  • 27 minutes in she gets amazingly smug regarding climate change (still no answer on mortgages, what is Gwen doing there anyways? Shouldn't she be corralling this debate to the issue on the table?) Obvious memorized speech alert! "We rely on countries that do not care about the climate as much as we do." This is a joke. As someone who lives outside the USA and sees it as one of the most consumptive countries this is very arrogant unless she can name those worse countries for balance. Otherwise countries that outstrip USA on conservation and environmentalism are being very insulted as being lumped in. I know she's talking China, but she really has to get the backbone and say it - oh but she wont because they want to borrow trillions from China, right? Right! Assholes.
  • AH! Biden outs China. There's the backbone I was looking for.
  • Senator O'Biden? Are they a linked name now? Like Bennifer? Or is this some NLP trick because the comment earlier about "Joe six-pack" confused me and I wonder if Biden has a drinking problem or something. Will look up.
  • So that's two nos for same sex marriage, although Biden had hinted to a yes in his first reply and then corrected to a no. Same civil rights as a couple but not married. Palin got the religion point in. She sounded shaky on this question and uncomfortable. Both of them did really.
  • Iraq - troops in, troops out? timeline issue. Biden just repeats what Obama said.
  • "UM...White flag of surrender." Huh? She makes a very provocative comment with no force behind it. She could make a hard argument here but falters. Is she not confident on this point? I'm sure I've heard her blabber on about how they want to stay in Iraq until the bitter end but I think she was regretting the words even as she was saying them. I wonder if she was coached on this comment and she was wondering if it was placed correctly.
  • Iran/Pakistan Why would we believe the word of an al-Qaeda leader saying they are based in Iraq and not Afghanistan? Why is he trusted. "No, of course we're not in Afghanistan. We're in Iraq. Keep your troops there. Muahahaaa" Come on folks. Will look up McLeland she talks about. (Later discovered she didn't have this guy's name right at all. It's McKiernan)
  • Show me where Iran has said they want a second holocaust. Why can't debates have a bibliography?!
  • They're talking a lot about Israel. Are they trying to appeal to Florida like Silverman suggested?
  • She's such a condescending bitch when she speaks. Folksy will now mean patronizing in my dictionary.
  • Biden is Mr. "Let me say that again" and he sighs a lot into his mic when Palin speaks. I understand the need for a cleansing breath but try and not do it into the microphone please.
  • Bosniacs?? No Biden, they're Bosnians.
  • Palin's cutsie-poo "Aw gee I'm not as D.C. as you folks who do stuff different here than good 'ole country girl me." was lame! I hate her folksy charm. Folksy charm is now an insulting phrase. It burns my ears.
  • She must stop saying "Um." It's debate heresy.
  • McCain knows how to win a war? Well why is he keeping this a secret then - tell us all how to win a war Master Warmonger McCain!
  • Team of mavericks followed by rehearsed speech. She's very obvious about her practiced diatribes. Joe is smoother and has more facts.
  • More coaching on what a VP does has a game show feel to it "Why yes Chuck, The VP does this that and the other and...World Peace!" she did come across like this was a question in a beauty pageant.
  • Did Biden just say McCain was Palin's "principal"? NLP ahoy! He is the teacher, she is a student.
  • Palin goes long into a waffle of nonsense for nearly two minutes from 1:12-1:13.
  • Palin Achilles heel, she goes on about hre family again, keeping herself down home and personal. Doesn't mention any joy at being a soon-to-be Grandma, though.
  • UGH! She's a lip smacker. She keeps snapping her spit and winking. She reminds me of Flo the waitress on Alice. Except I liked Flo.
That was my impression of the debate. Still going with Obama. Even more so now.


Overboard said...

Excellent, Lyvvie. Really enjoyed this. I am missing all the debates cos well, I live in Japan and my puter doesn't download TV stuff for various reasons[I am thick]
Makes me cringe, itch, other nasty stuff, when I think of Palin[all of them, actually]. She's stupid but clever in the way she is trying to reach out to the hicks, the small town folk. Uh, she's gonna win the election for McLame.
Perish, perish the thought.
Oh perish it.
Won't the Rapture just hurry the fuck up and come and take these monsters back to their God. Not mine, my God sees no borders, demands no following.
Uh, the US. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Maja said...

Hey thanks for that, loved your notes!

Jomamma said...

Thanks, I gave up... it was either go to bed or smack my husband because he kept saying, 'she can hold her own' he's such a horny red neck. Then he said 'the democrats could have had a woman on their ticket' yeah and he would have been saying things like 'that big mouth bitch in polyester...'
I'm so over it all. It's going to be a slow month. We're only going to watch movies and cooking shows and the Animal Planet.

Roxrocks said...

I want to vote for Obama and I'm Canadian!

The whole debate can be seen on YouTube, for those who missed it.

There's nothing else I can say about it because you said it all so well!

Lyvvie said...

HEY! These are supposed to be bullet pointed! dammit...grrr.

Ree said...

I'm with you Lyvvie. Although I couldn't watch because I can't stand her voice... It makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

tornwordo said...

I didn't watch it but I feel like I did now. (I'd already sent in my ballot anyway)

Folksy charm is now an insulting phrase. It burns my ears.

...that made me cry laughing.

Anonymous said...

Sylvana said...

I did watch the debate, as painful as it was.
I didn't know jack about Joe, but I do now. I thought he did an awesome job of presenting his camps plans, get a few powerful jabs in, and not seem like he was attacking the poor widdel Stepford-Hockey-Mom. And the moment that he almost cried talking about his family... I almost cried! Then cut to Palin and she's standing there grinnin' an' winkin'. She is a vapid bitch who thinks she's running for homecoming queen of America.

I say, No Way McCain! GoBama!

Lyvvie said...

Fine, fair and good Mr/s Anonymous. As I said these are my first impressions as the debate went on. I mentioned a few times I'd need to look things up. I'm more used to hearing "Bosnians".