Monday, October 20, 2008

Pick it up!

That's my most said phrase lately. "Pick it up!" "Pick that up!" "Pick up your clothes, shoes, toys, books, magazines, dishes, ass...UP!"

Kids are still on vacation. Week two just began, almost done. they go back next week. It'll be good. Then the house gets scoured because Mom is coming out for a visit in November and I'm very happy about that. I get the new kitchen in two weeks and I'm wild crazy excited about that!

I've changed workout routines, again and it's going brilliantly. So much better then I hoped. Supersets are awesome! I cannot believe how fast I've gained strength, but then I'm one of those gifted souls who can put on muscle very quickly. Downside is I can't burn fat very well and never have. Example being before I used to struggle with the leg lift machine and found three sets of fifteen on 25kg and it was just frustrating and I felt defeated if I couldn't get the last set. Today I did five sets on a 12-10-8-8-6 that went from 25-30-35-40-30 kgs. I was so damned proud of myself! I never would've dared to go above 30kgs before but I found today the weights were much easier and every time I put the notch up I was saying to myself "surely this will kill me." and I never missed a repetition; I was psyched. 40kgs!! That's 88lbs. That was almost half the weight stack.

I was talking to a friend who's a personal trainer (not my personal trainer but I'm considering a few sessions) about my diet issues and she agrees that Atkins is absolutely not the right way to go for the amount of activity I put out and she says that kind of diet is probably/most likely/oh hell it IS the reason I was feeling so run down and out of sorts. I told her I was changing to the six small meals and I was adding some fruit and oatmeal (Oh how I missed my beloved oatmeal!) and removing prok from my diet and she says it all sounded perfect. But when I told her that my calories were around 1500-1700 she got a bit crazy "That's not enough for you! You need closer to 2000 calories! No wonder you're not losing weight. You've got your calories cut back so far you're body will be tripping into starvation mode." I was a bit...what? and she explained that cutting calories back too much, even though 1500-1700 sounds good - and it would be for a person who doesn't exercise as much as I do - but it's probably cutting back over 1000 calories of what I actually need. When she asked me how many calories I tend to burn during my workouts (She knows I use a heart rate monitor) I told her anywhere from 800-1200: she hit me. She then told me to eat. Eat smart, eat clean and add in another 500 calories and even if I gain weight in the beginning I should see the weight start to fall again once my body figures out I'm not starving. Increase my cardio to five days a week, weights stay at three and I should see the numbers change within a month.

It's a lot to take in really. But why the hell not? So yesterday I was up at 8am and went for a jog (Don't tell my physiotherapist) and today was 20 minute run and weights for legs and abs.

Are you all completely bored now? I'm sorry. Other than this stuff life is a bit dull just now. I'll go out soon and pop into the grocery store because I want to make some stuff this afternoon. Mini apple pies and try some home made protein oat bars recipes. The house needs a big clean. The kids are growing out of their clothes again so it's time to purge their wardrobes for charity and put-aways.

I'm still reading Derren Brown, and a new bodybuilder's diet planner that I'm considering. I'm not the most adept and tracking every morsel, calorie burned, and weight pressed. Sigh. But I suppose if I want to improve, I'm going to have to. Will you endure? Maybe I should start a workout/diet blog...I may have too many blogs.


Roxrocks said...

If I worked out like you did, well, I'd drop over dead. I'm lazy with the workouts. I'll have osteoperosis from the lack of weight training. You? You will live forever! LOL!

You are never boring. Don't ever change!

Anonymous said...

New Kitchen!!!! Pictures please. :)

Overboard said...

You inspire me.
I started a Fat In Japan blog, took a naked pic of self, backshot, wore knickers though, added it to new blog, made new blog 'private' but didn't realise that that farking dig-it kant site sucked up the first blog entry and sent it out onto the blogwaves.
So I totally deleted the blog cos it was too dangerous.

Anyway, today I am going to pour the rest of the wine in the house down the drain because I need to start excercising.
Really need to.

Go on. Start an exercise blog and I will, too.

Jomamma said...

Lyvvie, sounds like you have your mind going in the right direction. 6 little meals a day, it takes a little time to get used to doing it but once you make a habit of it, like going to the gym every day it becomes so addictive.

Maja said...

Last night I had 5 beers for dinner. This morning I ate an omelette, several rashers of bacon and three hash browns with tomato sauce on them.

And I just ate a krispy kreme donut.


Northern musings said...

Maja is mean... But Livvie - I like your personal trainer friend - sounds like someone who actually knows their stuff rather than what one sees/reads/hears about stop eating and exercise more. Ofcourse the body needs fuel especially when you are working it like you are. Hope it all goes well!