Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Kitchen, Day Two

After yesterday's drama with the workies nearly tossing my new oven into the dump, I've been a bit touchy today. Yet also don't want to become the customer from hell - I'll get over that immediately and stuff the insecurity of "I want everyone to like me" in my back pocket because it's totally irrelevant when I remind myself I'm paying these guys £4K of temporarily borrowed money that will be hard earned over the next few months by the poor bloke who can't even project manage this (That's Husband).

They showed up a minute early which was wonderful and yes I am that particular about time-keeping. I despise lateness. They got stuck right in, and there was much drilling, hammering and sawing to be heard. I had a panicked hour rushing the kids to school and collecting some lunch items from the grocery store before walking amazingly fast back home to make sure the house was still standing. It was. Although for all the noise coming out of the kitchen, I didn't see much progress. But I admit I don't know the ways and hows of setting up groundwork for new cabinetry so I'll give the benefit of doubt - they had to making all that noise for a reason.

The guys (and I must stop myself from typing "boys") are having a great time. The amount of silly noises coming from them shows me they enjoy, if not their work, then at least each other's company. They meow at each other, they laugh at their silly and very loud cell phone rings, they speak in falsetto girl's voices impersonating someone's bitching. I want to plant a mic in there to find exactly what they're saying because it sounds hysterical (and I want to be sure it's not me they're mimicking, but I've not said much to them at all, really).

I have phoned the office again to ask if they have a tiler set to come and do the kitchen, to which the answer was no. I said I understand why you wouldn't, because I'd said we would keep the tile if at all possible, but when I got back yesterday and heard them breaking the tile, I wasn't sure if was due to a problem or if they just didn't know. Removal of tile was not listed on the estimate's worksheet, and as I was more concerned with my oven yesterday, I forgot to mention it. So she's going to have the manager get in touch with me (He just got back from vacation today, poor sod) and arrange a tiler. I'll just have plain white ones in anyways, so it's not too much a problem, just added cost and annoyance. In fact, after the oven incident, I'm thinking they'll take care of the tiler themselves, don't you? Yes, makes the best sense really.

Other than that I'm sitting in the living room, being tortured by Winnie-the-pooh movies and stuffing myself with pretzels.

Temporary aside...Seriously what the fuck is up with a spell check that thinks stuffnig is a fucking real word?! It's not. I looked it up just to be sure and it's not a real word. So get your shit together spell check or you'll be fucking upgraded before you can reboot. I mean when I typed attache and left off the "d" I thought that was acceptable but stuffnig is inexcusable.

Ok, one last thing. I was reading on bloglines and found a post about wedding rings that had a poll in it. The question was: Is it important, for you, to have you & your spouse wear wedding rings? And I said no, because it's not important to me. It's not uncommon for me to forget to put my rings back on, as I take them off all the time. I hate to jog, weightlift, wash dishes, shower or apply lotion with my rings on as they get in the way. I've often gone weeks without my rings, and I don't think Husband cares a bit (I did message him to ask and he answered "Not really. I assume its a comfort thing, rather than you cruising."). He's never said anything. Husband never takes his ring off, but that's him. Me? Not such an issue. It doesn't mean that I'm going to suddenly run off and shag the first guy who waggles an eyebrow at me because I have no ring on - ring or no ring I'm still married. My Dad was a carpenter and never wore his ring for safety reasons (Well he would wear it for special occasions or nights out), but my mother never took hers off. In fact I think she still has it on because her arthritis caused her knuckle to swell and she can't get the ring off. Yet if you answer the poll, you'll see what a minority I'm in. I wonder if it's fashion, habit, claiming property or more to do with Cheaters that causes such a passionate response to wearing the rings. I think the vows are a million times more important than the bling, but as the hypocrite, I love my bling. (It's official, my spell check has shit the bed. But I'm smart so I fixed it.)


Roxrocks said...

I don't wear my wedding ring either. Neither does Derwood. It's a comfort thing. I used to wear it all the time but now my sausage fingers swell and make it hard to get off. The ring, you pervs. Anyway, I agree with you, it's the commitment not the bling.

Why don't you tile it yourself? It's dogshit easy, Lyvvie! I'll coach you through it! It will save you money...

jmc said...

My rings serve decorative purposes only.

But my sister often leaves her wedding and engagement rings off. They are beautiful and she loves them -- husband selected a stone she loved, not a diamond, and designed a setting. But she does a lot of lab work, and rings are not compatible with gloves off and on, and frequent handwashing. It's easier and safer to leave them at home. Her husband is secure and doesn't care, but some older members of the family (both sides) have noticed this, and occasionally make a comment about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving the comment. Very neighborly, and it cheered me up on an unpleasant day. Made me smile.


Ree said...

I wear mind, but only because it's been on so long, it really bugs me if it's off.

Mr. Hot, on the other hand, has lost enough weight recently that when he moves his hand too fast, his FLIES off - so I'd rather he not wear it. It was my father's from when MomandDad first got married - and I don't want him to lose it. ;-)

KayakNej said...

I wear mine to work, but take it off when I get home. It's just uncomfortable to wear sometimes, and after my weight loss, it tends to go flying off if I move my hand too fast.

Mot wears his most of the time. He'll take it off for reasons here and there, then forget to put it back on. And I'll admit........it bugs me when he doesn't wear it. Not nearly as bad as it used to though...I'm getting better. :-)

Overboard said...

Is that 4k for labour. Or 4k for everything; kitchen, labour, much-travelled oven?

Lyvvie said...

£4k for everything. The oven's holiday is an added bonus.

All these newly thin folks with rattling rings! It' not expensive to have rings resized. Very cheap really. And it's a reason to tell yourselves you'll never need to resize it again. (Just don't resize rings while pregnant on a hot day like I did and have to wear wedding band on right hand.)

Roxy, I would love to tile it myself but I am not gifted in that way and would fuck it up royally and have to pull it down and redo and it's just better to leave it to the experts. Floor tiling is easier than wall tiles, aren't they?

Lyvvie said...

Hey Nej, are you aware it's impossible to post comments on your blog? The conversation with Mot about the keyboard sounded so familiar! I've nuked three keyboards in 18 months, with coffee and hand gestures while talking.

KayakNej said...

Strange!! I haven't changed anything, that I know of. :-) I'll have to go fiddle with the comment settings and see what's wrong, thanks!!!!!!

Maja said...

I don't think I would wear my ring all the time either (if I had one) because of safety reasons, and I'd be dead scared of losing it, too.

4K is pretty good for a whole new kitchen! I'd do ours tomorrow if it was going to be that cheap. It's costing us 6k (australian) just to get the decking out the back.

Jomamma said...

I don't always wear mine either, I take them off the minute I get home, right after kicking off the shoes.

I had done the tile in the makeover of the bathroom, and then we had the redo of the kitchen... 5 yrs later and I'm regretting we didn't use Corian. I'm hoping for that next. I HATE grout!

Shorty said...

Love the new layout!

I take my wedding ring off for various reasons - to exercise or when I am travelling (So i dont lose it)

Its only a piece of jewelry. Your love and communication are the true OOMF of your marriage.