Friday, October 10, 2008

Joe Six Pack

This is a bizarre term, Joe Six Pack. I admit we are very confused by it. Doesn't it feel like an insult? The average man being referred to an aged frat boy clinging to his beer? Whatever happened to John Q. Public? Did it not have enough of an alcoholic lean to appeal to the masses? Because I'm assuming they mean beer by six pack and not abs of steel. I wish. I'd be back home in a heartbeat if the cities were lush with fine examples of physical perfection. But considering the obesity rates, I'm thinking Joe Six Pack may need rehab. I had to search about to find the correct meaning of this phrase because it stuck out in my ear every time I heard it. Remember, I thought Palin was making a personal attack to Joe Biden about his drinking, which the internet is spinning out. So I googled it, as you do.

Urban Dictionary:

Average American moron, IQ 60, drinking beer, watching baseball and CNN, and believes everything his President says.
This is so simple, even a Joe Sixpack can understand.

Seriously? This is the person the average man wants to identify with? Sadly Urban Dictionary didn't have a correct entry for John Q. Public, reducing him to a public toilet. And what happened to the Average Joe? Apparently he's developed a drinking problem which really is annoying me, as you can see. Was being considered "average" too insulting for American men? Does this have more to do with penis size than beer cans? Six inch cock is average and not good enough, so he turns to his average six pack to drown his insecurities and watch a game? Doesn't Joe Six Pack sound like he's in a world of denial and self loathing? Why has the average man embraced beer? Why Beer? Don't tell me it's a six pack of cola either, although sure it very well could be but it's not the image that springs to mind.

What are women called...oh wait I was going to say Sally Cosmopolitain because you remember that was the only thing those women in Sex And The City drank, no the average woman is a Hockey Mom, now. For fuck sake. I know it's a Palinism, and Soccer Mom was bad enough which oddly enough was a term that became popular due to the '96 presidential campaign. This still holds enough negativism to annoy me. Mother's in constant service to their kids with a smile on their faces because that's where they want to be - what's so wrong with that? Go read a few Mom blogs and you'll know how very small a percentage that image really applies. Also the lean towards the macabre with the Stage Mom when a woman can become the Angry Soccer Mom, or Pistol Packin' Cheerleader Mom.

As it is this only proves to me that there is no such thing as an average citizen and the labels fall far from being accurate at all. So why are they being mentioned as buzzwords to a majority that aren't fitting into the tight constraints of the label applied. Why not just list out a whole bunch of labels and include more possible voters? What groups are being missed in this election?

You know what's really bugging me right this second is I heard there was a movie made a couple years ago that was downplayed by Fox Studios for being Anti-Corporation. I can't remember the name of it, but America was left to the idiots of the world because smart people were bred out of existence with the responsibilities they faced while the less intelligent bred like rabbits. The President was a professional wrestler, and it was pretty funny and bleak all at once. Can't remember what it was called. (two hours later) Husband to the rescue; it was Idiocracy. I've not seen it, but am intrigued. In many ways, Joe Six Pack makes me think of the men from Idiocracy. You can't be telling me that that is the Average Joe of America today. That can't be who Palin is talking to when she says Joe Six Pack, right?

Oh shit.

Final decent into my personal madness over one small phrase, Joe Six Pack; why beer? Is it the new proliferation of micro brews? I don't think so. Is it because Cindy McCain is a Beer Heiress? I wonder how much of that beer money is funding McCain's campaign*. Is it an attempt to get people inebriated so they'll be more open to suggestion and less likely to take action and ask questions? It's a fucking conspiracy!! How can they support and promote irresponsible alcohol consumption and say abstinence is the best form of birth control?! Is Palin trying to say in her whole marriage she's only had sex five times? I say Down With Joe Six Pack! It is not acceptable.

Ok! Ok. I'll switch to decaff for the rest of the day.

*(I don't know if the Democrats have also used the terms Joe Six Pack or Hockey Moms but at this time, I'm of the understanding it's a Republican bastardization.)


Overboard said...

Excellent. You go girl! I love your take on this election.
And I agree with you totally.

Lyvvie said...

Come back and see it again - because I hit publish by accident before I finished it.

jmc said...

That Daily Show clip was probably supposed to be funny, but mostly it was disturbing because of the overt racism, homophobia, and contempt for education/intellectuals. Jason Jones was trying to be funny, but the interviewees were embarrassing to me as a fellow American.

Joe Six Pack? As someone who has never liked beer, that nickname alienates me even before I get to the underlying low expectations/opinion that it expresses about its target audience.

Beth said...

I think you're straining your brain too much in the effort to comprehend. "Joe Six-Pack" was a term to refer to blue-collar white men. The "Joe" was from "average Joe" and the "six-pack" was to indicate that these weren't your wine-swilling limp-wristed pansy ass intellectuals (said with an appropriate sneer). Talking heads would often use the term, but it was considered somewhat insulting for a politician to use it - the accepted term was "Average Joe".

But apparently Palin is allowed to say it all she wants, because the majority of the Joe Six Packs have a massive boner with her name on it. So suddenly it's not an insult.

Roxrocks said...

I wonder how many Joe Six Packs will vote this year?

Sarah said...

Your blog is pretty amazing.
*I* think.

tracy macnish said...


George Carlin used the expression the first time I'd heard it. You can find it in a bit on youtube titled "fat people."

Needless to say, it was not meant as a compliment when Carlin used it.

But Beth's probably correct. She usually is.

Ree said...

Hey, that urban dictionary definition? Need to change "CNN" to "Fox News"

Just sayin.

Jomamma said...

I was thinking the same thing about CNN, the Joe 6pks can't comprehend anything more than comedy central. You wrote: Is it an attempt to get people inebriated so they'll be more open to suggestion and less likely to take action and ask questions? Yes! It's an attempt to get all the toothless wonders out of smokey dives out to vote, problem with that is, they aren't registered! Being from Texas, we thought GB2 was going to be his daddy... he's a 'good ole boy'. But we really can't stand to go much worse than him... and she's a hick. If I had kids playing soccer or hockey I'd make them change to piano lessons. She's embarrassing me.

Shorty said...

OMG Lyv you make me smile

I was JUST reading in the doctor's office on how Palin is representing small town USA when MOST OF USA no longer live in small town. That the "workers of America" live in big cities. Palin represents this version of the US that Reagan also promoted during his know the one with the white picket fences, and joe sixpacks standing around pushing the lawn mower around.

Maja said...

Idiocracy is a great movie. Watch it!