Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is the second day in a row that I've had a slightly sore swollen tongue. Right down the middle. I've not bitten it, or swallowed hot liquid. Too much salt maybe? I have eaten a lot of salted pumpkin seeds, but then this happened yesterday before I made the seeds. Keep feeling like I'm dehydrated, but I've had about a gallon of water today.

It's beginning to annoy me.


Maja said...

Hey! I love your new template!

Maybe gargling salt water will help?

Overboard said...

Or putting a willy on your head?

Jomamma said...

Yeah, like maja said, maybe you have tonsillitis, sometimes when I have it my tongue hurts, it's more on the sides but it's still my tongue. And it wouldn't hurt to put a willy on you head just for good measure.

Roxrocks said...

Maybe it was something you ate. Like a sensitivity to pumpkin. Or maybe some witch put a hex on you!

Chick said...

Ouch...that sounds painful...good luck with that.

This has little to do with your situation but...I can't understand why someone would want to pierce their tongue & make it hurt on purpose.

Jomamma said...

I second that Chick... or make it swell up and almost choke to death on it and then talk with a lisp... Maybe they didn't get enough attention from their mom as a child.

Lyvvie said...

Maja - It's the kind of sore that makes me think - no way am I gargling with salt. Have ordered B complex vitamins though

OB - Don't think so.

Jomamma - Not the tonsils. I honestly think it's a B vitamin problem.

Roxy - That's also possible as I have had pumpkin for the first time this week. I get the same thing in the Spring with the first strawberries.

Chick - Me either! I was watching Miami Ink recently and a woman was on who'd had her tongue split. she could wiggle the ends independent of each other like her tongue was walking and when she rolled her tongue up she could make the ends clap. Fucking weird.

Jolea said...

Lyvvie! Where do you get your layouts for you page??? it looks beautiful!!!!