Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fed Up With Non-Stop American Politics

Try a British scandal for a change...

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross were annoyed because the pre-arranged telephone interview with Andrew Sachs failed because Sachs wasn't there and they kept getting his answering machine. Instead of filling the time with clever banter which they are both fully capable, they decided to crank call Sachs' voicemail and left rude messages about Brand having fucked Sachs' granddughter (which was true). I though Letterman was annoying with his three day tantrum over McCain, but at least he didn't crank call McCain's voicemail, or fuck his daughter.(That I know of. But keep Brand away from her, just in case.)

Russell Brand is the one with the shrieking hysterical voice, Jonathan Ross is the one with the speech impediment. Andrew Sachs is famous for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers and is known for being an amazing, sweet man.

Here's the timeline of the scandal

So this morning the newspapers are all saying how Gordon Brown has asked for an inquiry into this matter and urged the BBC to take "Appropriate actions". That just blows my mind. Can you imagine if the President ever asked for the Howard Stern Show to be investigated because he didn't like what was said on the show? Regardless of whether 18,000 people complained or not. I know it's because it's the BBC and if this was done on an independent radio station it wouldn't be such a big deal, just embarrassing. But because the BBC is fully funded with taxpayer's money (we have to pay to have a TV liscence in our house which is £139.50 per year., no lisence, no TV) and that's probably why the government is making comments about it. This was even brought up in Parliment this week.

Although I can understand that the joke was done in extremely poor taste (not uncommon for Brand but I'm surprised by Ross as he's a father of young girls himself and should have empathised) and made in great offense not only to Mr. Sachs, but also to his granddaughter (So what if she's a burlesque dancer?), but I also don't think it's worth ending their careers over. Fine the fuckers for sure - which again is weird as they are paid with taxpayers money so they'd be paying fines with taxpayers monies which means we're ultimately paying for them being assholes.

I think it was the song that took it too far. Plus it was all on video (which you can see some of in the BBC link) showing how very un-sorry they were.

So that should entertain you away from American politics for a little bit.


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