Sunday, September 28, 2008


I'm making brisket. I got a (quick math, round to the nearest...) 11ish pound brisket for cheap at the store yesterday and had no clue how to cook it. So I went looking online and had too many paths to follow and yet none the wiser. So I e-mailed Doug and he helped guide me in the right direction. Or I at least hope it's the right direction. This thing will take about 10 hours to cook. I put it in the oven at half seven this morning, we'll see how it turns out tonight. I could've put it in the oven last night and let it cook overnight, but I worry about leaving appliances on overnight while I'm sleeping. Except for the refrigerator - that one's a given and I have to use faith in Frigidaire.

That is true I turn everything off. OK not everything. the alarm clock stays on and so does the nightlight in the hallway so the kids don't bump around the halls and fall down the stairs (Ok that's just me then) but everything other than those few things gets turned off at the wall. If that doesn't make sense to you, here in the UK we are able to turn the power off to individual sockets with an on/off switch. Means I never have to plug/unplug appliances, damaging wires, I just flick a switch. Work much more efficiently, especially if it's the computer and hifi as they're on a surge protected socket strip. Of course if this is now common everywhere else just skip this part.

I've now watched the Friday Debates twice, once live at 3am with both my daughter - no they woke me up - and last night with proper attention and alertness. I think Obama came out on top. McCain bugged me - will someone tell him to get his top plate fixed, please! The man "shurged" and shushed and hissed through his whole speech and when he wasn't whistling into the mic he was poking his tongue over his front teeth to push his top plate back in. I wonder if part of his distraction was the voice in his head saying "Please don't let me teeth fall out on live TV, Dear God please don't let my teeth fall out." If it turns out he doesn't have dentures, then he needs some training to stop the somewhat reptilian habit of tonguing his teeth.

I also found McCain condescending with his "Sen. Obama wouldn't understand..." crap, and I was glad to see Obama have a reply each time to show he did understand. I also found his "I love the Veterans" statement lacking in every way because I think he's a liar so far as veterans go. He's not supporting the GI bill. How is that Loving the Vets? He likes to think he's a man of the Veterans but he's deluding himself. If not himself than the American people. Give those people what they were promised and stop scrounging pennies to throw away dollars. (Ok that sounds better as "pounds" but only because it rhymes).

I can't get Sarah Silverman's' "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" song out of my head. It's starting to annoy my Husband.

We had about 200+ geese fly over the house headed south last night. What a racket they make as they go by. I love it. I imagine them all being backseat drivers.

I didn't win the lottery and I'm a bit disappointed. I only play when the pot is really big, and £100 Million is big. I didn't win anything, not even a free play. *sigh*

F1 is in Singapore today, so you know where I'll be this afternoon. Hamilton is in second and Massa in pole. Massa has had an awesome year. The fact they're one point away from each other at he moment for Championship title is exciting.

I'm going for some breakfast. As the house fills with the smell of roasting beef, mustard and garlic there's a distinct growling going on inside my belly. Omelet, bacon and strong coffee is what's on the menu. Oh yes.


Overboard said...

My grampy always used to turn off all the powerpoints. He he he he.
Good idea,though. You're probably saving some money that way, too.

Jomamma said...

I would love to turn everything off, but with Jody at home right now, he'd just turn it all back on.

Thanks for that about the debate... like I said in my post JMc has been attending the Bush Bumbling Boob Speech Academy. He's probably top of the class in death defying tongue moves. I guess I should watch the whole thing on YT.

I gave up on briskets, they always shrink down to nothing. Hope yours turns out.

Ree said...

We were just talking about finding new slow cooker recipes for the upcoming winter. Yum.

jomamma said...

I've got a great one for Shredded BBQ beef... we'll never go out for BBQ again!

Kahlee said...

What is brisket, exactly?

When are you coming to the land of Oz?


tornwordo said...

Ooh brisket. I've found that any meat slow cooked turns out delicious.

Roxrocks said...

I love Sarah Silverman too and her Fucking Matt Damon song is the best!

I've seen hundreds of geese, maybe thousands, getting the flock out of here. It's sad.