Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh I'm all kinds of preoccupied...

With myself! I'm loving this free time in the mornings. Just rolling in grass with joy loving it. I can go to the gym, have a wee snack, get the gardening done or get the house in order and I have energy for it!! Afternoons have always been my slump time. I'm a morning person! I just had not realized how frustrated I was with the afternoon business where now my afternoons are far more leisurely and I'm just pickled tink!

I've lost eight pounds as well which is nice bonus so this new routine - absolutely works for me. Whew! shame Shorty isn't as happy. She's been crabby about it, but she'll just suffer it for the sake of her mother. She has no choice. I exaggerate - she loves the time in the nursery, she's just not used to busy and rush in the morning.

Speaking of the nursery, I volunteered, nay suggested, I come in with all my rice presses and onigiri makers and do a messy play food demo with the kids one morning. When I made the suggestion there a bit of polite confusion and Shorty's teacher said they'd talk about it and get back to me. Well this morning was all excitement and yes they'd love me to come in! So that was very nice. I'll go in on the morning of the 23rd (Which is my anniversary so I hope Hubs won't mind - it's not like it's a special year, only the 13th. We go all out on the fives.) and we'll make the rice there, I'll bring the stuff and seaweed and punches and everything and we'll make onigiri! I'm really looking forward to this, I hope they like it. I know on a small level it's me being a show off but they seem to want to indulge me so it's ok really, isn't it?

So I mentioned the eight pounds. It's not been too hard. I've changed eating habits again. Doing the six small meals a day instead so the metabolism is always fired on and never gets the starvation signals. I'm doing rather well with it. No hungry, not struggling and I'm not having mad cravings. If I did, I'd give in to it, but only a little. I'm done with saying no to everything - except I actually am saying NO a lot. that sounds stupid, but dieters will understand. I hope.

The downside is, I find my sweat is smelling very strongly of ammonia. I know sweat does have ammonia in it, but it's a noticeable smell. At least I can flub it if anyone says anything and make mention of cleaning products and scuttle off. It's better than BO! But not by much because ammonia and urine are also close in scent. Great! Now I just talked myself into smelling like pee! I don't smell like pee - I assure you! Oh fuck, I hope I don't smell like pee.

I saw my first V-formation of geese this morning. I woke up at 5am to help Shorty with her inhaler. Both kids have their asthma kicking in just now which is weird and scary and annoying. Trees are starting to change colour. Autumn comes so fast here. Bam and the seasons are changed. Nothing gradual like in Massachusetts. It shocks the system. Well, it shocks my slow-to-catch-up system. Geese!

Euromillions lottery is up to £92million this Friday. I think I'll buy a ticket. Why not? I mean what the hell would I do with £92million? It's way too much money. I'd have to start considering charities. But I did have a thought that I could find a private island, near David Bowie. I don't know why, but at the time, being his neighbor sounded like fun. What would you do with much money?

OK - this made me want to pee my pants... with laughter!

I know what some of my friends are getting for X-mas!


Ree said...

You have no idea how envious I am - time alone?!? I would buy the island and tell no one. Then escape for a while.

Jomamma (judith) said...

Your bentos are causing a stir at school... go ahead and show them how it's done. That's one of the first things Jolea asked about this evening on the road..."what's this Bento stuff about?"
I know if the neighboring cats start following watch out. I washed the porch once with Ammonia and they all came and sprayed it.
Please put me on your Christmas list... I don't even have a rack! But that could really come in handy. I could drink on the job and look fabulous!

tornwordo said...

Oh that iasshole link made me cry laughing.

Roxrocks said...

I've got nothing BUT free time this week, I'm almost over it as I've squandered most of it away. Is the nursery Kindergarten?

We didn't do anything for our anniversary either. Nineteen, what do you do for that? I ordered two recliners for us yesterday, so there you have it.