Friday, September 19, 2008

Meeting went well

Sorry for not coming back yesterday, I'm having troubles with blogger sign-on. But it all went very well. Mr. VP was great, listened and set a plan together.

Apparently this kind of girl gang thing is common in 5th graders at a girl's need to do right and uphold a strong justice develop and goes haywire. They think they're doing the right thing by protecting Sally, but in reality are just getting caught in the moment and exacerbating the situation. The fact they all come from busy-body soccer-mom types only adds a new level of frustration.

So what the school is going to do to help SassyFace is assign her a key worker in school. A supervisor who remains in the large classroom - Sassy's school is open plan where all the classes are near each other in one large room - that she can go to anytime and vent, talk or report troubles. It's also her favourite supervisor. All the supervisors are out during recess and that means Sassy has a point of contact if the gang starts up, plus all the supervisors are aware of Sassy's troubles and can blow their whistles and tell Sally to sling her hook and leave Sassy alone.

Hopefully Sally won't take much telling before the info sinks in and she goes somewhere else. Hopefully Sassy won't become so dependent on her supervisor that she tries to seek affection - a thing she has done in previous years. I'm told upper school is a no cuddle zone, it's all about high school prep. Also Sassy isn't to run about espousing "I'll tell my supervisor on you!" because we don't want role reversal crap, now do we.

As it goes, Sassy is very happy with this resolution and here's hoping she can get some peace and use recess for what it's intended: letting off pent up classtime energy and not creating new pent up energy that'll distract her.


Jomamma (judith) said...

As my daughter once advised my son "the 5th and 6th grades are the two worst years of your educational life." Once you get out of the primary grades you begin to make friends with like minded people and those other morons find other things to do with their time. We have entire classes at our school on how to dissolve "Bad Girls" gangs. It's become a huge problem in the US, Girl Gangs!

And it's good that you have the Administration on your side now.

Overboard said...

Si si. I agree with jomamma.

Roxrocks said...

Where I live, I found grades 6 and 8 to be the toughest years for girls. Add hormonal upheaval to the normal pissing contests of playground life and you've got yourself one big fat headache!

Um, yeah, and mine is in grade 8 this year, shoot me with a ball of my own shit.

Maja said...

That's awesome news. Grades 5 to 7 were the bitchiest years for me at school. Pre-pubescent girls can be sooo nasty.

Sylvana said...

Thanks. I just swiped this and sent it to my dad.

Sylvana said...

Oops. Wrong post.

JD had a similar problem with a kid in 1st grade. The boy would beat on him just about every recess, and JD would get blamed because of some school politics about us not being in the school district - "outsiders".
We forced the school to separate them at recess (didn't really solve the problem because the other boy wouldn't respect the boundaries of their respective playground territories).
Eventually we ran into the mother of the boy. She said, "Oh, you're JD's parents? Oh, Danny says that JD is his best friend! He's always talking about him and what a great friend he is. It's so great to finally meet you. We'll have to get the boys together after school sometime." It was awkward to say the least. As we were constantly being harassed by the school about the ordeal, apparently the school never mentioned ANYTHING to the parents of the boy dishing out the beatings. And to find out that the beatings were just misguided actions on feelings of friendship by an obviously strange little boy.

After that meeting, we talked to JD about why Danny was acting the way that he was, and actually did set up some time for them to meet outside of school. They became pretty good friends for many years and the playground problems disappeared.

I would not necessarily recommend this with Sassy's problem though. Sally just sounds like an asshole!