Thursday, September 11, 2008

Herb Garden

Herb GardenHerb GardenHerb GardenHerb GardenPumpkins

I've tried growing pumpkins this year in grow bags. Was kind of silly really as pumpkins like a lot of space to spread and are very hungry and need fed daily. Downside as well is my pumpkins get about this size and then rot and fall off. Or they become slug food.

Herb garden was a series of small plants I pulled apart from a discounted mixed pot from the garden center. They've taken to this new home like wild. Especially the coriander which is the tall one draping itself all over the mint and flowering prettily.

They have tripled in size in six weeks. I think it's down to having fed them with tomato plant food twice a week. Shame it didn't work on the tomatoes which seem quite happy to flower all summer but haven't bothered to give me one fruit. Bastards.


Roxrocks said...


Jomamma (judith) said...

Yes... very nice. It's good that you have it blocked in... herbs are weeds after all and will take over your yard. They really do well when the temp starts cooling down. I have onion chive that are all over the place. Tried everything to get them under control. I wish I could grow cilantro like that. It burns up in this heat.

Jolea made bento tonight... I'll post it later.

Overboard said...

Hehehehhe@ your pumpkins.
Notice how the peppers and chillis that I enthusiastically planted back in April, kind of disappeared from the blog. Deaded they are.

Lovely herb garden. Fresh herbs rock.

Anonymous said...

Love the herbs... you pumpkins are pretty impressive to me. I didn't get a one due to all the rain this summer.

Badger said...

Ooo, it looks fantastic! My tomatoes had trouble setting fruit this spring/summer, too. I just planted a fall tomato plant so we'll see what happens there, I guess.

trinity67 said...

In June I planted a Tiny Tim tomater plant and sat it on my balcony - thanks grandma Helen! I watered it and fed it plant food and waited. It sat on my balcony showing very little progress and then all of a sudden in August, it became this giant gangly tree-thing. And then two weeks ago it became quite cold so on a late Saturday night (which was actually early Sunday morning) I dragged the poor thing inside and now I have a giant, gangly tomater plant sitting in my kitchen in front of the sliding door, bearing several bunches of small, green fruit. As the leaves are a bit crispy and none of the fruit seems to be in any hurry to redden, I fear that this will not end well.

Maja said...

YOur herbs are so healthy! Ours get eaten by snails, slugs and caterpillars and always have holes in them. Damn insects!

Ree said...

My pumpkins put out flowers, but no fruit. I do have a bumper crop of tomatoes though!

Sarah said...'re leaving that amazing garden for Australia?!?! Like...snakes and spiders and stuff?
Giiiiiiiiiiiive meeeeeeeeeeeee your HERBAGE!