Sunday, August 03, 2008

We had loads of fun!

It was a great day yesterday in Edinburgh - hot and a bit muggy but then a quick rain would come and cool everything off. Splendid! We met at the castle and had to queue for forty minutes because the Fringe Festival starts this weekend and it's official onslaught of the tourist in Edinburgh. Loads of Italians, Germans and Chinese tourists with their rows upon rows of tour buses. The whole town was a buzz of excitement and activity.

Wanderings around the castle, tourist dodging; I'd never been there when it was so busy! There was a wedding going on in the tiny chapel within the castle - and I do mean tiny as it can only be ten feet wide and fifteen feet long. But the wedding party was lead in by a piper and we figured it must have been a soldier (The castle is a military fort, not a royal house) and was a shame to not get a peek in.

We then went out for lunch at Frankensteins which was rather good - burgers all around. Sassy was disappointed that the Monster didn't make an appearance, and the bubbling jars over the bar that normally housed a couple brains were empty but still had webby brain bits dried on the side.

A hike up to the graveyard across from Calton hill where some famous Scots are buried and there's a statue of Abe Lincoln that I like to go see whenever I'm homesick. We freaked ourselves out a bit by staring up at a huge tower in the middle of the graveyard which created the optical illusion that the tower was tipping over and about to crush us. We found the poetic writing on some of the stones amusing - one in particular which I'd not read before was a bit of gossip about how Sir Walter Scott had attended the gent's funeral and it was his first public appearance since "His greatest misfortune" which had me curious about Scott's life...which isn't the point of a gravestone really - it should be about the guy who died. Not an etched in stone name dropping. Sylvana took pictures of it, I hope she'll share. I was sad to see the graveyard had been hit by vandals since my last visit in March.

We then went up to Calton Hill and the weather was glorious. We took a hike up the 143 twisting steps to the top of Calton Tower and enjoyed some wonderful views. I was a bit self conscious about being out of breath at the top, but then others said they felt queasy (Maybe it was the heights?) so I - sicko that I am - felt better. After the tower we sat in the grass, had a laugh as my kids were full of the sillies and made pig piles on us and then played duck, duck, goose. Actually it was egg, egg, goose because that's what Shorty called it.

Mile walk along Princes street to have coffee and a cake at Starbucks and hung out there until closing at 8pm. Hugs goodbye, e-mails to pass. Sassy found Sylvana's son fabulous and they'll become pen-pals after spending a lot of time talking about Pokemon, so Sassy was instantly his BFF.

I was so happy my kids behaved themselves. They were honestly the best I'd ever seen them - so charming and fun! It was a rather stress free, pocket-emptying great day. It was great to bum about the city with easy-going happy people. Anyone else coming to Scotland?? Just remember to bring sneakers.

Now I can confess my crazy for the day. I wanted to wear my pink and white top. Something bright and flattering. But I forgot to wash it. I made everyone get up early so we could get into town for 9am and I could shop for a nice top before we went to meet Sylvana and the Fam. I went to the Gap and was so disappointed!! It was the dullest collection I'd ever seen there! It was all basics and the only bright colour was this obnoxious magenta sweater that would've look awful on me because of my extra red cheeks. I asked a Gap assistant for some help - whatcha got with colour? I have little time! How about this magenta jumper? No. This red wrap around cardigan? No, wrap sweaters look awful on my figure. How about a button down blouse? Nope, Gap tops don't button over my bust. Then she says to me "You're not very confident are you?" I tell you - dear blog - I nearly smacked her. I nearly jumped over the counter and shook her for being so insipid. Retail! You don't make such comments when trying to make a sale! You just don't say such a thing to a stranger. But as time was running out, I grabbed a white v-neck t-shirt and a petrol blue ribbed cardigan. Husband took one look and said "Nice jugs." So I spent the whole day wondering if everyone was staring at my chest. I also hoped they didn't notice the new clothes smell. Also the white t-shirt was a bit more lingerie than cotton tee so even when I was extra warm I wouldn't take off the sweater and felt overheated and sweaty a couple times.

But all in all a brilliant day. I hope no one saw the crazy within.

OH! And I didn't cuss once! I mouthed the word fuck once but it was well placed. Otherwise I was very well behaved, too.


Roxrocks said...

For future reference, if we ever meet, I fully EXPECT you to say "Fuck". And "Damn". And throw in "Cocksucker" for good measure! That's how nervous I would be. I would totally need you to go out there on that limb for me.

I'm glad you had a great day and the girls were awesome and all went well!

jomamma said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Next time tell the Gap help to get screwed...

Lyvvie said...

Rox, we'll play that game where we can see how many obscene words we can slip into normal conversation and not get called up on it!! Things like FannyPicker, Cuntbubble and Titwank. It'll be fun! Extra points for saying it near an elderly person who asks for a repeat.

Judith - I'd have gone to another shop if I'd had the time to do so. As I walked Princes Street later I noticed all the other shops had better collections. I only went to the Gap because Husband said "Go to the Gap and get something nice" and I was kind of locked in that path with tunnel vision. Mind, the sweater is rather flattering, if a dullish blue colour.

Maja said...

Last minute clothes shopping is the worst. I can't do it.

Sounds like a fab time was had :)