Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Freedom!!

Tuesday morning and it's raining but The Kids Are Going Back To School!!

So my new routine is:

Up at 7am
Breakfast: (Today was two poached eggs, salad, carrot sticks a few drops of sesame oil and soy sauce.)
Dressed, kids ready, post workout meal prep.
Catch bus to school 8:40
Get kids set up in classes and then jog to gym (one mile)
Workout 90 minutes, shower, change (or stay sweaty, depends on weather. I prefer to change in winter, rest of year I'll wait until I get home.)
11:30 collect my Shorty from nursery (she's in preschool so only in for a couple hours.)
Lunch - hopefully ready-made a la bento.
Housework, laundry, blogging.
Sassy home on the bus 3:30
Dinner prep
Dinner at 6pm
Tidy up bedtimes, me time and try my hardest not to graze through the kitchen.

I love a routine.

Just got my new gym music off iTunes - I love Podrunner! And there's a new mix every week. Best gym motivation for me.


ARG!! So I've not had a chance to get to the gym because of trouble at the post office delaying my sending two parcels. They were both 100 grams over 2kg which doubles the price of shipping. So I'll have to take both boxes home, take something out and then resend. £21 is bad enough for 2kg, but £43 for 2.1 kg is just taking the piss. Also I've found out that council workers may go on strike tomorrow, so great! Kids are back to school one day, ONE DAY, and the teachers threaten strike? Fucking arseholes.

I'm also determined to not take one inch of shit from any of the Mafiosa in the PTA this year - those bitches are going to find a flea in their ear if they try to pull their clique shite on me or my daughter this year. One of them - the worst in the lot who looks like a frog and suffers with Gollumitis (Her babies are her precious!(got that from a friend this weekend and love it!) who hates me (Because I told the principal her special needs kid* was saying vicious and nasty things to Sassy like "Everyone hates you. No one is your friend. You should just leave. You're ugly and the stupidest girl in school." and so on, and how dare I - don't I know she's special? Well no. As far as I can see she's an even worse asshole than you. The class assistant overheard the MiniFrog saying these thing to Sassy.)and first thing FroggieFace did when she arrived this morning was put her huge ass right in front of me to block me out from the kids - and in doing so put herself (This woman is grossly obese and has a newborn in a pram with her) in the walkway so others had to squeeze by her and risk kicking the pram, to walk to the other side of the playground. So I pushed past her and said "Yes I forgot I was completely invisible - why else would you stand there. No worries, I see someone I want to say hi to over there. You stand here so people don't have to trip over you." and walked off waving to a friend. The stupid cow. Really how old are these bints? I'll have to come up with names for them so I can get out the sheer level of bullshit the group of them come out with. I know I'm not alone in this - these harpies exist at every school gate.

So I went to grocery store for apples. Then walked home in the pouring rain. Soaked right through by the time I got back to the house. Coffee, a handful of peanut M&Ms - aren't those wee bastards addictive? They must put a drop of heroine in every one. It's in the paint they stamp the "M" with. I'll wager.

Rain stopped just as I got to my front door. Who wants to bet it'll start again as I go to pick up Shorty from nursery?

*She has a very mild cerebral palsy which I never even knew about until last week. apparently the only symptom is her curled right hand. Her mind is as sharp as any other kid's so there's no excuse for her bitter tongue. While talking to my Friend (I'll call her Pristine as her house is enviously spotless and shiny) last week it came out that FroggieFace had an altercation with her as well last year as their kids had had a falling out. Only this time FroggieFace went and shouted at Pristine's daughter on the playground in front of all her peers "Don't you ever talk to my daughter like that again!" and so on. Pristine called her up and told her she was giving her the same advice she'd giver her daughter - and if she ever did she was getting the school involved. Nutter!


Donna said...

Way to go!! Stick to your guns sweetie!! Those women are Everywhere!!!Happy day sugar!!hughugs

Shorty said...

You stand up for yourself! A lot of those committees are like "power cells" - people desperate to have power - but you TOO have power -

SINGIN in the Rain just...SINGIN in the rain - what a GLORRRRIOUS FEEEELING -

Keep Smiling beautiful!!

trinity67 said...

Yup - you stick to your guns sweetie! Man I wish I had your wit!

Lyvvie said...

It's what these women do. they make a big circle of yammering hens and exclude others. The kids on the playground aren't even that obnoxious. So I'm calling them on it. I have in the past butted into theirr circle and asked "Hello! What's everyone talking about?" Because a couple of the hens are nicer but are followers. The stunned into silence, confused looks. They just don't get it. They don't see how obnoxious they are.

I'll take pictures and show you.

Ree said...

Sounds like you got a workout anyway! Don't you know that arguing with stupid people burns lots and lots of calories? ;-)

Jomamma (judith) said...

Stick it to 'em Lyvvie. Don't feed their ego. Just barge in there and say "what 'cha talking about" and when they say you! You can reply "that's great, you picked a damn good subject... blow your skirt up!" I've used that many times. Then just leave them in your wake. They have to form those little packs because they can't stand alone.

I'm really glad my kids are grown and I don't have to deal with that stuff anymore. Still have the PTA to deal with at the school, but it's different when you run the school and they have to come to me for permission for things. I don't tolerate it. They better be nice or they can go home, we don't need it.

Lyvvie said...

Are You a Principal?! All this time I thought you were an adult student! Go JoMamma!!

Roxrocks said...

Elementary school politics is enough to drive a sane woman mad. I stayed away from those bitches and just helped out the teachers. Hold your head high!

dianeinjapan said...

I just had a (tiny, Japanese-size) bowl of peanut M&Ms, myself! Yes, indeed--they are addictive.

I love a routine, too--though, oddly, I sometimes fight the idea of routines.

Sorry about those mean gals. I hate stuff like that.

tornwordo said...

I love a good routine, it makes me feel all secure.

And I'm very curious about the Podrunner. I would love workout mixes. But is it a pay thing?

Lyvvie said...

Podrunner is FREE! free free wonderfully free and isn't that wonderful!

I got soaked to the bone AGAIN today. We've now had three weeks of rain and I'm fed up. I have to mow my lawn sometime!

Emigration can't come soon enough. Bring me Aussie heat now now now!

...I have no more M&Ms *cry*

Roxanne should live in my town so we can out Bitch the Bitches and show then what living is all about.

Jomamma (judith) said...

NO, contrary to the beliefs of many of the younger students at our school... I am NOT the principal, and I don't own the place either. I'm the Secretary/Office Manager... I just run the place. I solve all the problems, calm all the upset Bitches that want to go to the school board, and chase the kids down the street when they try to escape. It's the kind of job that makes you glad to get home and have an adult beverage!

Sarah said...

I love you.
You're the best fighter ever.

Maja said...

Yeah you stick it to 'em Lyvvie. I've recently decided not to become a teacher later on because I don't think I need all the bitchiness and judging that comes with schools when I could be getting paid more to be a geologist. The world needs more geologists anyway.