Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh dear, I keep forgetting to post something...

I'm just a bit pre-occupied with stuff at the moment. Busy and yet, not so busy. New routine is taking some getting used to. I've been really tired the past couple nights. Sleeping like the dead and waking up groggy and grumpy. It's not like me. I usually wake up and bounce out of bed, but not much with the bounce these days.

I had a call Monday night from the physio I've been waiting to for an appointment with. They'd had a cancellation and did I want the appt.? Why yes I did! So Tuesday morning I went in. I've been having a problem with stabbing pains in my right pelvis for a few years and I've finally decried to have it looked at. Once my GP said it wasn't a hernia or an ovary problem, phsio was my next look in.

I didn't have to do much before she figured out the problem - I have a weak core. She says it was really obvious when she asked me to stand on one foot because my hips were moving to much to balance, and that's not supposed to happen. Funny how a back problem caused me pain in the front? Too much six pack exercises and not enough deep muscle ones. Apparently it's pretty bad too. Hold over from pregnancy - another reason to have kids when you're twenty. I've been told to do a few exercises and stretches twice a day for the next three weeks, before moving up to a next level. As a consequence I must scale back my normal exercises to a more basic level. No more weighted lunges, no more weighted side bends, resistance is off on the bike, rower and I'm forbidden to run or jog. Walking only. I'm rather annoyed and bummed out by it. I'll just get through the physio and then I can have my old routine back.

I also have put a request in to see a podiatrist. My arches have fallen again, another half shoe size up. Shoes I bought and fit in May are now crowding my toes. It's ridiculous really - I mean sure I spend a fortune on nice, proper, supportive (often hideous, but hey) bras so my boobs don't sag, so instead my feet collapse. Just can't win.

The sun is shining just now, I better run outside and catch some before it disappears again. Nearly four weeks of rain. Wettest August in history. Not fair. I really need to throw down some moss killer. I have a lot to do in the garden before winter comes. cut the edges, trim out the weeds, put down bark. I have tomatoes and pumpkins growing but I really don't think they'll come to fruit. I left them too late. Tomatoes are still flowering for fuck sake. My pumpkins aren't doing well either, they've taken over a part of garden, have loads of flowers but when the bud dies off the two inch pumpkin that starts to grow just falls off...then the slugs descend on it. Bastards! So I don't think we'll have fat orange pumpkins this fall like I envisaged. Ah well. The kids have enjoyed watching them grow, there's that at least. Next time I'll not leave it so late in the season.


Roxrocks said...

I'm sorry Mother Nature has been bitch slapping you lately.

If it's any consolation, weak core seems to be a very common thing that physiotherapists say. I'm sure it's half my problem too. Whatever though.

We had the warmest August ever this year, it was weird. It's over now though baby as it's been hovering at the 5C mark in the mornings all week. Fall is just around the bend.

Ree said...

I took a week off for my stress fracture, got new shoes, and went 3 miles today. Then farted my way through crunches.

What kind of stuff does she have you doing, because I'm sure my core strength is pretty bad, too.

Lyvvie said...

Pelvic dips, where I pretend to have a very long penis and I want to touch my nose with it. Seriously, it's a boring exercise otherwise. Then I do the lie on my back, cross one leg over the other and pull the bottom leg towards my chest to stretch the backside; both sides. I lie on my back and let my knees fall to one side to stretch my sides and then....the killer. Fucking hell it's so hard for me and I hate it! I have to lie on my side, pull my feet up under my butt, knees front; head, shoulders, hips and feet in alignment. While keeping my feet together, I have to lift my top knee up about ten inches, hold for a three count then drop. Looked really easy when she was showing me, until I tried it and my opposite hip went into spasm.

I was telling a friend about this today and she barked "This is why we're supposed to have kids when we're seventeen!" and I was in awe because I thought I was the only one who thought like that. (I blame feminism for the career now, babies later credo... babies when you're old and sore and need more sleep is not a good idea.)

Sylvana said...

Hey Lyvvie, just wanted you to know that we survived our trip! I have a lot to share once I get everything all sorted out.

And, those exercises sound awful! In fact, they sound more like a dare than exercise. One easy thing that you can do to strengthen your core is to suck in your stomach when you do anything -- sit, walk, run, lay down. If you do it enough, you will even feel like you did a bunch of crunches.
I've got no advice on arches. Good luck.

Jomamma (judith) said...

After years of being bad on my back, breaking horses, bodybuilding, etc. The best two forms of exercise I've found for me are yoga and pilates. They both work your core and you don't even know it, you will be a little sore in 24 hours but it's a good sore. I have one vertebra in my back that is smaller on one side than on the other. So I have a pop in my right hip with every step and the nerves in my lower back become inflamed. But with regular yoga and pilates classes I have less popping and inflammation. You name the type of work out and I've probably done it... but the beauty of yoga and pilates is when you hurt no one yells at you and tells you to keep going. They let you listen to your body so you don't end up hurting yourself while you thought you were doing something good for yourself. I used to be a weight trainer and aerobics instructor, I was the one yelling at people.

Try pilates, I actually got my 6 pack abs back this summer. I haven't seen them in 27 years.

Shorty said...

a lot of people have weak core- i'm glad you are working with a physio though!