Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ghost Cat

I had a visit from the Ghost Cat the other day. I love visits from Ghost Cat. I don't know which cat it is, or if it's different cats each time, but every so often I get a visit.

Enter the number one challenge to my Atheism. Unexplained Ghost Cat. Well actually there is an explanation...It's all in my head, but where's the fun in that?

So what happens and has happened for many years is this; just as I'm falling asleep, my senses pick up on a cat entering the room. If you own a cat, you'll know what I'm talking about. The sound is usually the purring from the floor near my bed. The sudden feeling of a gentle pounce on the bed and still, tentative moments where the cat holds its position, expecting invitation or rebuke. Then comes the cat feet walking along or on my body, the gentle kneading to prepare the comfy spot and then the settling in to join me for sleep. This is the basic scenario.

Just so you know, we don't have a cat here in Scotland and never have. So I've been cat free since 1995 because Husband is very allergic. There could be something in that, as well because I love having a cat. I didn't even know I was a cat person until we had a cat, and I really loved sharing my home with cats.

The most recent visit on Saturday night had the cat jump up on my pillow - I could even feel the pillow depress under their weight. She walked (How I know it's a she I don't know) a couple steps along my head and then lay on my pillow covering part of my face in warm furriness. Very intrusive cat this time. I actually laughed it was such an affectionate toppling over - again if you have cats, you'll understand. I enjoyed the sensation of sharing my pillow for a wee bit and then fell asleep.

So what is this about? Is it a real visit from one of my past cats? There's a few to choose from. I remember the first visit from Ghost Cat was when I was a teenager and I'm pretty sure it was my sister's cat, as all of our cats were still alive then. Then my favourite cat died when I was 18 and the visits came frequently for a while. Then I had nothing for years until one day when I was pregnant, feeling rather awful and in my bed for an afternoon nap and Ghost cat came for a cuddle up behind my knees - I remember so clearly the pull of the blankets over my legs from the cat's weight but I was frightened if I moved to correct it the moment would disappear.

Later it was again during an afternoon nap, when I was pregnant with Shorty, and it was a lovely afternoon, bright and sunny. I'd set the alarm to wake me so I could have a light sleep and this cat was very brazen about pinning me into my place and nuzzled up at my crotch so it was impossible to roll over - which at final weeks of pregnancy, back sleeping isn't very comfortable at all! But it was Ghost Cat so I stayed put. Can still hear the purring. I've had a couple cats who made their cuddles a bit of discomfort in regards to where they slept, and it was usually right between my legs because when I was young I liked to sleep on my front, limbs splayed out. I can't do that now - frustrating really but for some reason it really hurts me back now, oh and Husband doesn't appreciate the splaying out bit.

I can hear all you Freudians now. Don't think I've not considered those theories either. Perverts really. The most likely explanation is that I'm in that vulnerable suggestive time of 'Tween sleep and I am actually dreaming, but aware enough to still have a connection to my surroundings, so I feel awake and experiencing the dream as real.

I don't know what it is, but I must admit; I love it when Ghost Cat comes for a snuggle.


Jomamma (judith) said...

That is very interesting, as long as it doesn't freak you out, and you don't have the feeling the cat is laying on your face smothering you. Mother-in-laws cat loves to sleep on her head like some sort of Russian hat. Her hair is a sight in the morning.... now that would be weird if you woke with a huge dent in your hair from a cat nesting on it.

Badger said...

OMGOMGOMG! I have a ghost DOG! I really do. I was freaking out reading what your "visits" are like. I KNOW who my ghost dog is -- she is my old dog I had before I met DH who eventually went to live with my parents (she wasn't good with toddlers when the boy was small). She died a few years ago and the visits started then.

It ONLY happens if I'm home alone and trying to nap during the day. Never at night, never when anyone else is home. I hear her coming up the stairs, then she takes a running leap onto the bed and snuggles down with me for a nap. LOVE that. I do miss her.

Roxrocks said...

Kamir is the least affectionate cat I've ever seen. I miss a good cat cuddle.

Lyn Cash said...

Lyvvie, I love this post. It's both sad and uplifting.

trinity67 said...

I LOVE your ghost cat!!! How lucky you are to be able to "have a cat", despite the allergy situation.

I have two cats and despite the fur deposits on the pillow, I adore it when my cats sleep on my pillow.

Lyvvie said...

Jomamma, I must admit, ths was the first time GC sat at the pillow. It's always been the crook of my knees or between my legs before. I tend to sleep on my back and my cats always pinned me in that position.

Badger - You get it!! You understand! I've been so alone with the crazy that is Ghost Cat but I don't talk about it because you know what folks will think, right. Of Corse you do because you have a Ghost Dog! Yeah, why is it nap times?

Roxy - coat your chin in tuna juice, and leave chicken bites in your pockets. He'll change his tune.

Lyn - Thanks. I don't seem to get the people visits though. Although there have been a few weird dreams where I find my Dad standing in my kitchen raiding the Fridge wearing just his underpants. But I think that's more of a memory-dream flashback. I keep telling myself that anyways. *shiver*

Anonymous said...

We also have visits from our Ghost Cat. Cheetara was with us for 16 years and now she comes in the afternoon and drinks from the current cat's bowl. While she's in the room the other two cats stay well outside the room and stare. I agree with lyn cash that the feeling is both sad and uplifting at the same time.

Jenny said...

I love your story. My beloved kitty Lucie, whom I've had for 16 years since she was 8 weeks old, passed away 3 days ago. We miss her so much, the kids and I. I am longing for a visit from her .... I even talked to her the night before she died, because we knew she was sick, and I asked her if she wanted to, to please stay around for a bit after she passed on. But I told her that if she felt she needed to move on, that was fine too. The house jut feels so empty without her. I'm home alone, as the kids are in school, and I'm after reading these posts I'm thinking I should try taking a nap... I really hope to feel her, hear her, see her, anything. She was my "soul kitty." I'll let you know if I do. =)

Irena said...

I found your blog researching " ghost cat" stuff. I've had a ghost cat come and visit me for a couple of months now...

It had walked up the bed and laid by head and purred, then there was earlier this week when I was in vegas and she followed me and early in the morning started walking back and forth around the bed. There was someone in the bed next to me so she's not shy!

Just last night she walked up my body and meowed in my ear. So freaked out. I'm not sure about my ghost cat. And there is no room for vivid imagination. There first time it happened I hide under my blankets and grabbed my phone from under my pillow and text my friend to tell him there was something on my bed. ...

brief background. I went on a ghost hunt with my friend and used a ouija board. We closed down the session but ghost cat appeared after that.