Friday, July 04, 2008


This is why I'm careful about Women Friends.

Nemi June 6


Overboard said...

You're not talking about me being candid about The Keeper, are you? I thought you were okay about The Keeper and spreading the word.

Overboard said...

p.s I have finally linked you. Was just lazy.

Lyvvie said...

No, you're paranoid. Teehee. Yes we should tell everyone about the Keeper. Well, I did back in February so my readers are a bit fed up about menstrual products - but I think if the women's magazines started mentioning them, then it would become a revolution. I don't know why they don't get advertising space.

'Bout time (Not that I was looking). Suppose I should do the same. I use the bloglines reader now and haven't touched the links in eons.

Overboard said...

Yeah, the thing is tampons and towels are a massive industry; very protected, pardon the pun.
Things can change though.
I think I might totally highlight The Keeper by putting it in my intro at the top; instead of me on boat, a Keeper. Hahahahhaha.

Roxrocks said...

What is the Keeper and what does it have to do with the cold war?!

Lyvvie said...

Nothing to do with the Cold War. The Keeper is what they market the menstrual cup as in Japan.

Unless the Russians are in charge of Tampax!!?

Doug said...

I can't imagine being able to walk around with a cup, without it leaking.

As for the comic: Guys don't have this problem. Wouldn't dream of sharing our deepest-darkests with each other. Would rather blog about it for the world to see :)

Donna said... may be on to something!!!LOL...Happy day sweetie!! And those cupcakes look Delicious!!hughugs

trinity67 said...

Sadly you are correct - women suck.

Sarah said...