Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I don't know where she gets it from...


Sassy presented me with her shop stall. She's got herself in full groove to have this stall set up, to sell her toys. For the move. She's spent a good amount of time getting the "table" level and choosing what's going to sell. Which is everything on the table top. Not a very wide selection. I've talked her out of running outside today. She says she'll have her stall on August 1st. she's even made advertisements.


I had the home improvements guy around last night and listed up what I wanted done: bathroom, closet in bedroom removed, new kitchen. I asked him about the shed in the back yard - whether we could fix it up or should we scrap it. He looked it over, shook it...a lot. He thinks it'd be best scrapped. I agree. that thing was moving quite a bit when he shoved at it. He'll get me an estimate. Kind of bricking that one.

Today I had the garden guy come around. I told him I wanted the shed out, pave it over. He suggested decking would be cheaper. Fine I'm okay with that. He then proceeded to walk around the shed, thinking. Then he began to shove it. A lot. No really he seemed to be having an awful lot of fun shoving this shed back and forth. "Quite a lot of movement in this." you don't say. Stop fucking doing it then! He asked me my budget so I under estimated the budget and he sucked teeth a bit and began to haggle. I'm not very sure I liked him very much so will definitely be looking for another landscaper. At least for competition sake. The guy may be much better with decks and plants than he is with people and sheds. I will admit that after his visit I broke out the gin. There was only so much shed shaking I could cope with.

I also had the representative come around from the international movers to look over a few things. She was nice and I'm certain I'll go ahead with them, regardless of the fact that I've had more competitive quotes. they were the only ones to call me directly and their customer service has been brilliant. Plus they have offices locally and in Melbourne so it feels like a door-to-door service.

Ugh. just called another landscaper from the yellow pages and the number was obviously a home number and the girl who answered the phone was rude. The guy who was the landscaper then took the call but didn't introduce himself just said "yeh-lo?" and I had to initiate the whole damned call. Doesn't bode well! You'd think and landscaping school they'd have done a module on business etiquette. For one don't let your bitchy wee sister answer the phone. Especially without a script. But I didn't lie and say I'd had the wrong number like I damned well wanted to. After saying what I was looking for (shed down replaced with decking) he said we could help each other out as he'd just an order canceled and had a bunch of decking he could use and give us a discount. YES - alarm bells are ringing. I'm not an idiot. But I'll hear him out and meet him. Maybe he's a brilliant landscaper but again; better with plants than people. *heavy sigh*

I'm going to finish moving the lawn and pull the nastiest of weeds - that would be thistles and this awful dandelion/thistle hybrid. I was quite embarrassed by the state of the garden when garden guy came over. fuck fuck fuck. Like I care what he thinks. Shed shover.

Where's the gin dammit?!


Roxrocks said...

This is why I do things myself. I don't want no one shoving my sheds! Can you buy gin in bulk? It seems like this might be a long haul...

jomamma said...

What's under the shed that you are trying to cover up? Why not lay down pea gravel if it's just bare ground.

I used to like moving, my mom would tell people we were from a nomadic tribe. Anywhere between 9 mos to 3 years was our time frame. Now we have been here for the past 13 years. I don't think I'd like it much now as I did back then. Too much stuff. I can't imagine moving to another country.

Lyvvie said...

Roxy: I'm fine. It'll be fine. Gin is cheap. Tonic is cheap. Lemons are cheap...and healthy!

Jomamma: There's just concrete under there, so we'll ditch the shed, put decking over it and make a BBQ place. It'll be good.

Moving is fine, I've done it a few time and emigrated once. It's these other folks I live with who'll be doing it for the first time. Once I convince them to let go of "stuff" they'll be ok. No one really needs stuff.

Spent four hours clearing weeds, cutting back lavender and roses and sweeping sandy-dirt. I have black boogers and scratches up my arms. Thank goodness Husband is home for the next two weeks!

Maja said...


I just read all your posts, you're coming to Australia, yippee! You'll love it. Melbourne is awesome. We are totally coming to visit you guys when you come. And you can come and visit us in Perth! Yay!

Scarlet said...

Can I say once again how jealous I am?

Lucky you!

Sarah said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! GOOD FOR SASSY!!!
You got yourself a business woman, right there!