Friday, July 11, 2008


There's been news. Great news. Exciting news. Pensive - apprehensive with potential to disappoint or make dreams come true kind of news. News I don't want to jinx by talking about it and yet I really want to tell. I'm awful with secrets - in the sense that I love spreading good news. Bad secrets I'll keep, but good ones could kill me - but I want to tell and I just can't because what if it comes to nothing? What if it's just the window opening and not the door to to the new path?

So giddy. So giddy. Must keep level head, though. Poker face. Stop smiling. Chill out. Chiiiillll.

Oh it's just so exciting! The possibilities!! I love possibilities and new roads!




Deep breath in. Not letting it go.


trinity67 said...

Oooh - fingers crossed! (Whatever it is).

NWJR said...

...and the blogosphere anxiously awaits!


Roxrocks said...

Is it an Asian relocation?

I'm terrible when someone has a secret because seriously, I'll badger them until they spill it.

Beth said...

This is cruel and unusual.


Overboard said...

Yeah, fuckin' spill!

SafeTinspector said...

Wait.. what?
I need to know NOW, while I've got the time to look!!!

Ree said...

Okay, well, how long does it take a package to get from the U.S. to Scotland, because if you're not going to be there, I need to know so I can go get these cards in the mail!

Overboard said...

Yeah, I have 400 The Haro Kitty Keepers to ship to you. Will need a fwding address.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Don't move your head. Stay still. I am going to read your mind.

Ts hummmmmm ts ts.... errrr hummmmm.

Maja said...


tornwordo said...

good luck! And you're going to tell us anyway, whether it happens or falls through. Enough of this jinxing business, we'll all pull for you now SPILL IT! I mean it. Right now!

Overboard said...

I'm considering witholding photos of my first Keeper experience now.
Two can play at this game!

Sarah said...


*stamps foot*