Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy mind

Shorty was coughing at 4:45 this morning, but she settled herself back to sleep. I wasn't so lucky. Wide awake. Thoughts. Thinking. busy busy busy. Starting to talk myself out of being so severe on the cull. I always do that. "Throw it all away!" "Keep it! You can clear it later. You may find you wish you hadn't tossed that out." Bleh. As it stands I'm still firm about tossing most of it. When we got such a reasonable quote for the shipment I started to think that maybe we could take more. What would the whole house cost to move including furniture? Thing is, we're needing to replace most of it anyways. Our sofa is broken and has a saggy bit (kids). The recliner broke and wont recline (Me). Our bed ruins mattresses and hurts my back - it's a slatted base. Not even a super Sealy lasts on it. Dining tables and chairs are cheap...everything is cheap if you have time to buy them. That's the thing - we'll need to buy a lot all at once. Sure we could sleep on inflatable beds on the floor for a while. We can live simply. We're really ok with that. We've done it before. "But why should you? Just take your stuff."

Also was thinking about the full packing service where they catalouge items in each box for faster customs clearance and I thought - maybe I'll post my toy box separately. Can you imagine?

I've been told we won't be able to bring our fossil collection either because they could harbor organisms that could be harmful to Australia's ecosystem. Heavy Sigh! It's a fossil. By definition it's a dead thing. So dead in fact it's become a rock.

Today I'll pull things from our bookshelves that will go for sale. Now that the full packing service is available, I'll just just clear what we're keeping/selling and that will make the packers job all the easier. A manager for the moving company is coming out next week to have a look at Husband's comic book collection and make decisions on the best way to pack and transport them so they aren't ruined. It seems mold and mildew is rife with these. Perhaps a sepearte shipping via airplane would be better. We'll have see. Funny enough, no sentimentality has figured on my part. I guess if I have a strong enough emotional tie to something I'll keep it, but then again I've only been clearing the kitchen so I guess I'm all right in that I don't have emotional bonds with lesser used frying pans. We're also knick-knack haters. Crap - just thought I'll have to pack some of our Christmas tree ornaments.

Have got ten bags for charity all ready. I'm getting more and more listy every hour. Make a list for this, make a list for that. This morning I was making a cup of tea (It was 5:30) and I thinking I should make a list of groceries Husband should have ready for us when we arrive in Melbourne - months from now! For fuck's sake Lyv - chill. Tell me to chill a bit. Reign in. One list/task at a time. Start small, work up. Yadda yadda.

I have to go get ready for the morning now. It's 7:37am.


Kahlee said...

OMG you're moving to Australia!!!!

To Melbourne! How exciting!

It's not so much - Melbun, but more Melburn - just no emphasis on the syllables, you say it like it's one word almost. Hehe, hard to explain!

I'm so excited for you. A trip to visit the inlaws in Melb might be in order hehe!


NWJR said...

Wait a minute...

You can bring a moldy comic book into the country, but not a rock?

Oh, the next few years are going to be GREAT blog fodder. I can't wait!

Roxrocks said...

Simmer down now Lyvvie, simmer down!

You're moving way too fast. You're going to burn out! Pace yourself.

/Lecture over.

Sarah said...


Ree said...

Oh, all of my favorite people are in Australia. I want to move to Australia.....