Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Beeeecawwwzze, I want to!

Husband is back and he came with gifts because he is a good Husband and Daddy. He bought me a sweet Chanel travel compact with eye shadow, blusher and lippy. One of those things I've always wanted but couldn't justify the price to myself. So awesome when someone else thinks I'm worth such luxuries. It seems the woman who was helping Husband, her Dad is also from Edinburgh. So the two had talks. At some point she handed Husband over to some guy and she went away to talk some other folks (This was in Saks Fifth Ave.) and came back with a bunch of freebies to add to his bag. How sweet! So tid bits came in the bag? Well there was a sample of Versace perfume which is nice but isn't me, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabana which is definitely not me, a sample of Terre pour Homme by Hermes which is Awesome and Husband will wear, some very nice cream that smells like fruit and ice cream a company called Fresh and...aaaand; a small tub of Creme Ancienne. Nice wee haul really. I'll give the perfumes away but the creams are mine.

So I tried everything, tinkered with the colour palette of the make-up had fun playing grown-up for a wee while. I put some of the Creme Ancienne on: This Stuff Is Awesome! I am in love. I wanted to know more about it. It's made by Monks and takes two days to create and it's full of herbals and essences and stuff. Know what else I found out: 3oz jar costs $250!!! Holy Fuck! I did a guess and figure this sample jar I have must be about $50. So I don't know if I'll be out there trying to score some more anytime soon.

then I was thinking. What the hell are monks doing to make such an expensive cream? Two days isn't so long. I bet I could make a fancy cream just as good as any old monk, anyday. So a-googling I went. Not easy to find but I did find some interesting facts. The big one is: Making your own lotions and creams is fucking easy! And Cheap. Bastard Monks!

Basic recipes
More Recipes
Make your own

So you all know what I'm going to be doing this summer. Kicking some Monk butt and making my own brilliant cream.


Anonymous said...

Can you make me a cream that takes care of wrinkles but doesn't cause zits? I'd like six ounces please! LOL!

That was nice of hubby to bring you home a nice present! Every once in a while, they surprise us, don't they?

tornwordo said...

I remember how shocked I was at how CHEAP the materials are that go into lotions and cremes. It's quite a racket.

Sarah said...

Good hubby!
*big grin*