Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Because I want to!

I took the day off from the gym because I have cramps and heavy gushings and the gym is no place for that kind of foolishness. Bad enough having the discomfort without thinking every ten minutes "Am I leaking? Am I bleeding out?" and having to run and check. Most of the time the answer is no - I'm just anxious about such things. But the one time I ignore it though, and I'll be sorry. Most of the time it's just sweat. Hot Summers and sweaty hoo-haas are why I hate cotton underpants. But apart from that, I also have sore joints today. The worst being my second toe on my right foot. Damn that hurts! Feels like it's about to go into a cramp and just won't. My thumb joint is also sore., not to mention the lower back due to the cramps I already mentioned. These little reminders of getting older with sore joints isn't nice.

Gave myself a panic earlier today, after I'd finished my ramen soup lunch, I went upstairs to get dressed to take Shorty to school and I noticed this red ring on my right breast. What the hell is that!? Freaked I immediately began a brest exam to check for lumps - which you're not supposed to do during your period because breasts get lumpy at that time anyway. So I'm padding my fingers around my breasts, nothing unusual - except there kind of an empty space on the bottom of the right one. Not me, I don't find a lump - I find a space. Anyways, I figure I better get in touch with the doctor, begin worrying about the history of breast cancer in my family when I realize - like a light bulb - I had my soup mug resting on my breast while I ate my soup and it's just ed from the bottom of the bowl. Breasts come in handy sometimes! I felt like the relieved dumbass that I am.

It's the last few days of school for the girls. Thursday they get a half day. Shorty's pre-school is having a party and I said I would bring cupcakes. I'll have to make about 50 cupcakes. So they'll be mini ones. With simple frosting. I've also decided that instead of going mad and getting meaningful presents for the five teachers (Shorty has four) I'll just buy them all a bottle of wine. Tesco has a deal on where if you buy six bottles you'll get %25 off. So five for them and one for me. Sounds fair. In the meantime I'm getting the pre-summer holidays anxiety. What The Fuck Will I Do With them All Summer?! It'll pass. I know the six weeks will breeze by and before I know it, it'll be Autumn and I'll be praying for time to rewind back to this day. Preferably after the embarrassing red-tit incident.

I'm hoping there will be thunderstorms tonight. Feels like it could. Maybe not quite hot enough. Weather station only predicts 30% chance of T-storms, but I'd really like some spectacular kabooms and lightning just now. Makes me feel alive and rooted in the moment.


Anonymous said...

We are living the same life this week. I'm also laying low until the gushing slows down...good lord! Don't get up too fast!

The red-ringed boob story made me laugh! Ahhh we crazy chicks!

I wish it would rain here. It's as dry as a popcorn fart here!

Sarah said...

Mmmm. Booby soup! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Sarah said...

Did somebody just say popcorn fart?
*busts out laughing*

Overboard said...

Hahahahahhaa. Soup mug ring. That is toooooooooooo funny. I once thought I had radiation sickness from the laptop on my legs cos they were all red and hivy one morning but then realised that I'd been sitting too close to the gas fire.

'ere, were you wearing The Keeper to the gym? I have quite light periods, always have done, and am wondering how often I'm gonna have to empty it and how do you do it in a public place? Or do you just seek out the disabled toilet? You know, the one that doesn't work.

Reminds me of Not the Grandma during a visit to the hospital in Warwick when I had my tumor and we went to take the lift and it said Disabled Lift on it and she said, 'ooh, it's not working'.
She had altzhiemers and was so funny after she got sick. Sucked on lemons most of her life but her sense of humor just came to the fore once she started losing her marbles. Bless her.

Ree said...

Or you could just send me that extra bottle.

I'm glad your boob is okay and just a little soup-ringed. I drizzled nectarine juice all over mine today. ;-)

Lyvvie said...

Popcorn fart?! *ROFL* you keep dicking nature around and you'll not be popular. First your saying "No rain I need my field done!" now you're wanting the rain.

Sarah I'm not making any more booby soup. I'll be getting myself a tray soon. A cute one with a cat on it.

Maria I thought for a second it could be ringworm but immediately discounted that as foolish - then went right to cancer. Which at the time made perfect sense.

I do wear the Keeper to the gym and it's great, but I'm having an unusually heavy cycle just now and having to change every two hours which is not the norm. On light days four times a day is fine. Last night needed a pad too with it because I'm not always so good about waking up in time before leaking when I'm like this. These heavy days are short though, I should be normal by tonight. I'm happy I can poop this month! Past couple months the cramps were so bad I couldn't poop and it hurt a lot, but it's eased off this month. Given the choice between a lighter period or the ability to poop; I'll take poop.

I do try and find a toilet with a wee sink in it because it's easier, but if I don't find one, a wipe with a wet wipe or tissue works fine. A lot of women will carry a bottle of water in their bag to rinse out the cup.

Ree you come over and I'll share it with you.

Weary Hag said...

OH a BOOB impression! I do so love those! I once had to remove my wedding and engagement rings while walking because my fingers were swelling with the hot/humid weather. I had no place to put them so into the O.T.S.B.H.* they went.

I layed down on the couch later on and dozed off. I removed them when I awoke because they bothered me.

The marks stayed (two rings) on my thang for TWO DAYS.

Hope you're feeling better from all your excitement this week ... periods, boob marks, hubby home, t-storms. Sheesh!