Thursday, July 17, 2008

And so it begins.

Today I'm gutting the kitchen. Putting out all things that aren't needed on a daily basis. It's great that we kept all the boxes from our last move. Scouring. Tossing outdated foodstuffs which won't take too long as I did this in April. Clearing the top of the Fridge.


Four plates
Two mugs,
Cutlery for four,
Four cups,
One fry pan,
Two sauce pans
One cookie sheet


All non essential cooking pans and crockery.


Three tier steamer
Drip coffee machine
Two kettles (We have an extra in the garage)
All this stuff


Microwave (it's got rust in it)

Leave for house sale:

Washing machine

When we get closer to shipping the boxes, I'll pack up the keeps and ask my Mother-in-law to lend me kitchen goods until we move. She has tons. In fact, I may do that anyway and save myself the double packing. I'll decided later.

To Do:

Find cheap built-in kitchen units and counter tops. Budget is £2000-£2500.
Have carpenter fix left side of kitchen and add storage cabinets. Incorporate with units and I'll just hammer out the broken counter myself.
Get plumber to put spigot out to garden from kitchen pipes.


Bubble wrap
Fibered packing tape

After a bit of discussion, port, whiskey and nervous babbling we decided that it would be best to sell this house and not keep for rental. Reasons being the economy is going downhill here. Interest rates rising, house prices dropping. We don't want to end up with a property that'll be too expensive to rent and lies empty for long periods. Paying a GBP mortgage with AUD. We're not planning on returning to this particular house. If we ever did come back to Edinburgh, we'd move into the city and leave the countryside. We miss our urban life. Seaside country is wonderful too, but we liked and miss having the city on our doorstep. At least in Melbourne, we can afford to have both. Melbourne is looking better every minute.

We are practicing saying "Melbun" as opposed to "Mel-burn" because the Scots just love their rrrolling "R"s and rrrelish it. But here, my New England "R" dropping wins out. Another reason to love Melbourne.

Spent a lot of time looking at properties in Melbourne. I'm loving Altona and want to live on the Esplanade. Oh yes! Look at this!


Overboard said...

Fcuk. That townhouse is awesome. Is that $420 a week or a day or a month?
Also, I am buzzing with excitement for you. It's just such a great thing to happen in your lives.

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling any angst about this? We aer in the talking stages of picing up and moving on and I am freaking out! You are just totally embracing this!

On a side note- I am terribly upsetthat you are leaving Scotland before I ge to visit. It has only been about... gosh, 15 years since we last saw each other. I think it is time for a proper email. I will shoot you one this weekend. :)

Good luck with the culling. Looks like you are off to a really good start. :)

jmc said...

Ugh, packing to move.

Shall I hold on to these books for you and ship them to Oz after you've settled? Or would reading material be welcome as you pack?

Lyvvie said...

OB - that's per week. I'm not sure if it's a vacation home or longer term rental as it says "Short term lease only" But we have a prospected budget of up to $700 p.w. The SE of Melbourne has much higher rents than west side.

Jill - No angst just anticipation and excitement and a healthy dose of apprehension. What we always bicker about is what price to sell our home at. We had a bit of it last night. We've decided this time that we'll have three or four different estate agents come around and give us an estimated sale price. We'll take the average of those, minus a few thousand and then sell at a fixed price with whoever was the nicest with the most reasonable agent's fees.

The UK way of selling is to put property at an "offers over" price, which is low-ish to get interest. Then the buyer would have someone give a valuation price on the property and the rule is to offer about 20% over that. We're going to cut all that foolishness and say whoever offers us this amount first gets it.

As far the rest of it goes, we're not overly sentimental and are fine with moving our whole home in about 30 boxes. We figure it's just stuff and things and the only stuff really important is what the kids have made, and homework. Only because I figure the kids will want to have them as memories of their own childhood one day. They will probably have the most boxes. Husband and I live pretty light on the personal belongings. the bulk of our things will be books, CDs and DVDs. Even there, we've economized by taking the CDs out of the plastic cases and sorting them into large binders with their blurb sheets.

Why do we have new kitchens put in just to give to someone else?? I've done this three times now! I want the fucking new kitchen for me!

Lyvvie said...

Wow JMC! Send them on, We're not looking to move for about 3-5 months. Depends on how long the house sale and mini renovations take. But certainly enough time for a box of books to make its way here. That's just a week. Excited!!

NWJR said...

You're going to have the most muddled accent ever, you know?

Marg said...

The added bonus is that the beach at Altona is one of, if not the best, beach on the western side of Melbourne!

A lot of Melbourne is skewed towards the Eastern suburbs, but I live in the Western suburbs and there are lots of great things about living out here - the traffic is better if nothing else!

Lyvvie said...

Marg! I didn't even twig that you were there. You may become my new best friend *wink*

The comment on traffic is a relief as we were looking at traffic cams to see if Husband's possible commute from Altona to St. Kilda would be a hassle. As it goes, I think it would be exactly like his current commute. Over a bridge every day and the exact same distance.

He was very excited to find an Alfa Romeo dealer in Melbourne.

NWJR - My accent is more likely to turn all Aussie then it ever was all Scots. I find the Australian accent far more similar in inflection than American to Scots. But yes, it'll be interesting. One of the first things I asked Husband about his telephone interview was "Could they understand you?" and there was no trouble with them understanding him but Husband had a very minor mix up with names; he was interviewed by a Marko and a Michael and the names sounded exactly the same.

Technical interview is set for Monday.

Marg said...

I guess you are probably looking at a 45 minute drive because you do get stuck on the bridge, but I don't know how that compares to where you are now.

There are pretty good public transport links from Altona to the city as well!

When you have a definite date I will be happy to help you out in any way you need. I've moved countries a couple of times myself.