Monday, June 16, 2008

Why So Lame??

I despair at TV sometimes. There's some right awful shite on there, and forgive me, please, but a lot of it comes from America. The problem I see, is that a lot of good ideas for shows are ruined by having boring, annoying typical everyday Americans on it. Case in point: The Biggest Loser. I've heard lots about this show but haven't seen until very recently and I have to say; I don't get the appeal. It has cliche after cliche boring gang/bully/high school taunts and tough talk that drive me mental. People who spout off how tough they are, how they won't take any crap, they're going to show you what for if you cross their paths and blah fucking blah. I hate it. Hate It.

This hyper competetitive, poor sport way of talking shows Americans in the worst possible light ever. I was cringing in shame when I saw the USA version of Hell's Kitchen - which is a show I love because I love Gordon Ramsay - but the back room tough talk, the "they're going down" bullshit is so tedious! Most of those people couldn't tough talk themselves out of...oh for fuck's sake why tough talk at all? It just shows insecurity and a lack of intelligence and serious deficit in maturity. It's high school talk. It's posturing. It has no backbone, it's just hot air, and I fucking hate watching it. I can't stand to listen to it in reality but to have to watch it on TV too? Gee wizz. When Gordon Ramsay tough talks, you feel the genuine threat behind it - he's serious. These other dweebs, with their shifty eyes, sweaty faces and hands that can't stop twiddling threads on their aprons: full of shit. Not that I think Gordon Ramsay is some paragon of correct behaviour - quite the contrary. I respect him though for the successes he's had and the way he's had to gain that success and I don't think any of his staff, once they get used to his methodical ways would ever say they didn't respect him. I simply use him as an example of someone with true grit versus the wussbags on the shows.

It is just those reality type shows that get me, the ones that show real people in a competitive way. I love most other shows from America. Chuck is a current favourite, CSI - although not the Miami one because Caruso and the coroner who talks to the corpses creeps me out, Project Runway where I'm glad it's more bitch-talk than tough talk because can you imagine? "If she crosses my path I'm going to show her what these scissors can do..." I dunno. I don't watch too uch TV, and it's a good thing too. I don't watch talk shows, because we don't really have any talk shows - no good ones. UK talk shows are pretty dire, Americanesque style where the host picks on the poor and ingnorant people type of shows. The only show where that works is Judge Judy. All other Judge shows suck: There is only Judy.

So, I don't think I'll be watching any more of The Biggest Loser because it's full of twats. And the hostess, Alison Sweeney - would look a million times hotter if she had dark hair. She looks ridiculous as a blonde. Ok not ridiculous, but fabrique au plastique.

I'm done. Rant over. Tonight is Chuck and Boston Legal. Why do all Boston lawyer shows have the lawyers singing in dancing in bars? If I'd known that was what Boston Lawyers do I'd have gone to law school. First Ally McBeal, now BL. It's got to be a missed opportunity on my part.

never did clean the kitchen...


Weary Hag said...

I don't watch any of those shows you mentioned but about that sort of 'talk' in general - I agree. It's old. It's tired. Get new lines.

Regarding that 'hell's kitchen' thing, I did try that like three times and couldn't stomach that guy even the first time let alone the second or third. Not my cuppa onion soup.

I do like the CSI's but the original is best ... the one in Vegas. I only get a cheap thrill tuning in just to watch the opening (stupid) lines of David Caruso as he stands sideways and stares as though he's going to come out with something profound only to disappoint time and time again. SOOO predictable it makes my panties cinch.

Anonymous said...

I'm also starting to hate that everything is a damn competition. You're competing to win, competing to be better, stronger, hotter, thinner, all just sucks. Whatever happened to good old tv like Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley?

jmc said...

I find American network tv to be disappointing at best. The few original tv shows that I've enjoyed lately (Friday Night Lights, Life) have either been cancelled or seem to be on hiatus for some extended period of time. Reality tv? No, thanks.

Unrelated: I've been inspired by your bento boxes. Plus, my CSA started up so I have all kinds of fresh veggies. So I've been packing lunches every day. Not as pretty or as imaginative as yours, but still better than eating out or a frozen boxed meal.

NWJR said...

If I thought American Reality TV showcased "typical Americans", I'd stab myself repeatedly with a fork until I was dead.