Sunday, June 15, 2008

What do I do now?

Husband left at the awful hour of 2:50am this morning to go to the airport fr his day of flight over to Oregon. He's going to be exhausted when he gets there. Poor guy, I don't envy him a wick. Ok maybe a wick - maybe a few wicks. He gets two weeks solitary time in a hotel with a gym and a pool and as the new guy, the "Foreigner" he'll get taken out and paraded to everyone, drinks bought for him, and and all he'll have to do is brogue up his Scots a bit. (Click Continued to read the rest and see icky cleavage pictures...)

But what am I going to do now? I'm going to be so bored. And frustrated with the suddenly less interesting conversations of my kids. I love them, I do, but I can only take so much pokemon before I want to scream.

I'm going to be so lonely. Bored and...impossible. I'll become impossible. I'll go slightly mental. I can see it starting already.

I want him back already. Really for the safety of us all. He keeps me steady, now I'm wobbling.

I had to go back to the shop to get my glasses fixed: already! I had them less than 24 hours and broke one set - the expensive ones. The Calvin Kleins. I thought the screw had fallen out of the hinge, but it appears that the head broke off and the post of the screw was still locked in place, so They have to order up new frames and pop the lenses into them. I had my second pair of glasses readjusted because the were eating my face. They have flexi-hinges on the side so the hug your head, but these had a death grip that left grooves at the back of my ears and made it impossible to cry because the nose bits were crammed up into the corners of my eyes. I'll have to go back later this week to collect the replacement frames.

I had haircut, and it was quite a pleasant visit for a change. I was told my hair was in great condition considering I'd shaved most of it off with a 2 inch guard back in September and haven't been to anyone since. The length is almost, all one length all around now and I wager it'll be a good eight months before it's down just past my shoulders and all one length and in suitable ponytail stylings. My stylist, her name was Dawn, told me that I should stop stop STOP using pantene as it's the shittiest filth ever because it kills the hair with tons of silicone. She then asked what the ton of regrowth was on my head and I told her I was giving up colouring to which she pishawed and said that was a dumb idea, "You're too young to show your greys," she says - you see why I liked her, and tipped her a tenner. She says if I'm colouring it a darker shade then it actually helps my hair as I'm adding, er, stuff to the hairshaft and that strengthens it, as opposed to going lighter, where there's stuff stripped out of the hair. Made total sense to me, So I went and bought a box of chocolate brown dye (Yeah, the same one in this vid!) to add into my locks later on whenever I'm desperate and beyond bored for something to do other than sort summer clothes from winter. Although, this is a colour that only takes 10 minutes, so I'll still have to sort the clothes. Darn. I also bought new nail polish for we three girls to share on fingers and toes, and new eye shadow for me as for some reason I'm feeling very vain of a sudden. Anxiety is a bitch.

I may have to go to the gym every day over the next two weeks to maintain some sanity and to wear me out a bit and help shut the noise in my head from driving me batshit mental.

Pedicure tonight while watching Big Brother. Yes, I also hate "Dickhead" Alex, the girl who calls everyone a dickhead and then goes mental if someone calls her a dickhead. Seriously - what a dickhead.

I can't even think about a further ramble.

OH WAIT! Yes I can! When we were coming back from the mall we missed our train and had to wait an hour for the next one - and for a while I was debating walking back to the mall for Starbucks, but then decided no and we just hung out at the train platform - no station just platform and a small shelter, and play I Spy and bird watch. Then this teenage girl came along and Oh My God. My eyes people, my eyes. Full of new glasses and perfect vision caught this creature who was determined to punish me with her many cleavages.


I stood for an hour at the South Gyle train platform with this girl who was determined to show me everything she's got. She only put the hoodie on when the rain started, before that it was white tee-shirt and neon green bra for all. Note the tan line across her chest.

Arg The Revenge!!

She got bored with showing the wall her butt crack and decided to show all of us in the rain shelter her assets instead.


geezer squeezer! said...

hey Liv. cant beat those classy UK kids! glad youre well. enjoy your 2weeks husband free :)

Anonymous said...

Buy a box of wine and call it a Staycation!

You might want to pull out some of your toys too. :)


Overboard said...

What do you do? You invite a guy over and have steamy sex in a bento box. With chopsticks.

Overboard said...

Ewwwwww. That girl is such a skank.

Lyvvie said...

Hello Geezer, long time no see you hard working leckie-bassa you! I may have to make this house a estrogen haven for two weeks - yes there will be pot pourri and soft furnishings!

Box of wine and a toy box - that also counts as estrogen friendly but still a party of one. *pout*

Overbored (Like the pun?) yeah that's not going to happen. But I'll read about someone else doing it, in a book instead. After my wine with my toy box nearby. She was pitiable. I felt sorry for her that she didn't have someone to tell her to go dress appropriately before leaving the house. However not sorry enough to take pictures of her and post them on the internet. She did keep pulling her top down to show the luminous bra.

NWJR said...

You should have dropped a quarter in that coin slot just to see what would happen.

I am going to try to incorporate the phrase "luminous bra" into a conversation today.

Sarah said...

*stomps foot*
Why didn't YOU come over this way?
I have futons....

Lyvvie said...

Would you think I was a stalker if I told you I looked up the Distance between Knoxville (Where my Mom stays) and your hometown on google earth to see if visiting you sometime would be possible? I thought a meet-greet and eat in Georgia, or I could take a but down your way...thought about it in some detail. *grin* the fact you have multiple futons makes me happy.

Weary Hag said...

You're just the cutest thing in the universe ... all worried about grey hair. What are you, eighteen? [chuckles to self]

Thanks for the pantene tip. I have one for you too. Suave? Hold a crucifix up to it - it'll sizzle. It's made of some shit that custodians use in floor cleaning up in Maine. Yes. It'll make your hair shine alright... but ummm... do I really want SCUFF FREE shine on my freaking head?

Sorry you're all alone but like ... CHERISH IT! No, really. Grab a hairbrush and sing into the mirror. Dance around nekkid and wear a bathing suit in your tub pretending you're at the beach! C'mon. Use your imagination, girlfriend.

trinity67 said...

Oh dear.