Thursday, June 05, 2008

The way of kids...

Tonight Sassy has homework. Homework and Sassy are always a frustration; if the Dog Whisperer guy were here he'd say I was sending out anxious energy which made Sassy react in a hostile manner. He'd be right. I've had years of her homework tantrums - she has to blow up before she'll sit down and do it. She has to over exaggerate everything before settling in and getting the job done. I hope she outgrows this soon because I can't imagine what high school or employment would be like for her. Can you imagine her having a tantrum, screaming, crying and shouting "I Hate You!" every time her boss gave her a project? I can. It would be nice to have her vent that frustration at someone else for a change. But then that's not good karma now is it?

So the tantrum came this time because she has a writing assignment - ah see, there's going to be judging on creative writing. This and acting sends her in a tizzy. My kid is the best in her class at maths, but she struggles with spelling and writing. I was the total opposite, but completely understand how it feels to have such a weakness; you want to forget it, put it aside and convince yourself you can through without it. I have numbers dyslexia - rather mild but enough that I had to take algebra I four times and yet I excelled years beyond my grade in reading, writing and spelling. (Not typing however so don't nitpick my typos) So when I explained that she'll need to do a rough draft first to make sure all of her spelling is right before putting the story on the paper she'll hand in, Sassy went nuts. "You're making me waste my time writing it twice!" Oh, friends, if you could see her spelling you'd understand. I'm trying to show her that she has to go into the world prepared and that her teacher is worth her best efforts and not something that contains mistakes. It's called respect.

So while Sassy is at defcon 4, Shorty thinks; hey this is fun watching my sister get in the shit! heh heh heh. Going so far as to ask "Is Sassy getting grounded Mommy? She should get grounded!" So I tell her to get lost go outside and play to which she screams "NO!" and plops her ass in the middle of the staircase so she gets the best view of the action. Then she continued screaming No every time I told her to go out, go to her room, go to the corner! I had to pick her up and sit her in the corner then go back to Sassy - who by this time thought her sister's tantrum was quite amusing and missing the whole point that Shorty is copying her! ARG! So I had Sassy on the naughty step, and Shorty in the corner and I was itching for some gin. It's all sorted now, both are fine and I was Supreme Ruler and I managed it all without shouting, spanking or even getting the gin.

I am, however, still despised for banning all TV and Nintendo for 24 hours for both of them. Seems only fair I be rewarded with what I want to watch, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I have a question. What does this stuff look like by the time it gets to school/work? The way my family swings their lunch bags around, the whole thing would look like a tossed salad!

Lyvvie said...

*lol* You're asking about the bentos aren't you? Well I don't know how they end up once they go to be eaten which is why I take pictures, but most of the time I pack the boxes really tight so there's no shoogling aboot.

Anonymous said...

Why did my comment attach itself to this post and not the Bento one?! Weird!

Anyway, you are doing a great job with the girls! Being the boss isn't easy and I totally get the whole reaching for the gin thing.

We have a homework rule in our house. It gets tackled immediately when they come in the door. Em always just rolled with it but Kay? Acts like it's a national emergency every time she gets an assignment even though she always gets it done and does it well. It's irritating.

Crystal* said...

Middle Chicken is problem child. The DIVA, if you will.
Not much of a problem with the other two getting their collective homework done. But MC?
Holy shit. She'd drive me to the gin, tequila, and any and every other bit of alcohol I could get my mitts on.
Stay strong!!!
And go get in the liquor cabinet.

Doug said...

I hope you eventually rewarded yourself with the gin.

What's your favorite brand?

Lyvvie said...

Today there will be gin, but not because today was bad but because it was good! the kids have had a great day today and it's nice to have a drink with a cheerful mood than one when I'm grumpy.

I really like Bombay Sapphire but buy Gordon's. Lots of lemon and I can't tell the difference anyways.