Friday, June 13, 2008

Thus Begins The Weeknd From Hell...

This is going to be a hard weekend for our family. Today is preparation for Husband's business trip, he flies out at 5am on Sunday morning - the poor bastard. He's out getting a haircut, books for his 12 hour flight to Oregon, assorted amusements that a techie guy; like him must have - like headphones and computer magazines and batteries...I don't know.

Saturday we have swimming lessons, which I may cancel because shorty is still sick and Sassy is now starting to cough and may be coming down with this bug too. To be honest the not swimming would be a blessing in disguise. I already told Grandma Betty we may not be seeing her this weekend - and consequently for the following two weeks as I don't drive and getting into Edinburgh and going all over the city via bus would be expensive and time consuming and she understands.

The girls and I are getting our hair cut as well and Husband is treating. I've not had a haircut since September when I had the tragic mullet cursed upon my head. Why the hell to stylists insist they know how to do a razor cut when they obviously - as my mullet showed - don't. She cut chunks of my hair at two inches long, and then the back was six inches long - it was a fucking mess. After a couple days of trying to figure out how to style it, I ended up taking out the clippers and a 2inch guard and taking all of the length out the back myself - I actually did a better job than she did. So good that as it's been growing out it's not looked bad at all. It just looks like long layers growing out. I do despair at what the stylist is going to think when she sees what I've got for real on my head. I've decided to grow it out to my shoulders so I can have it up in a respectable ponytail most of the time. I find with short hair, my gym time and walks my hair is always wet from sweat and I look awful. At least if it's in a ponytail I can still manage to make it look fashionable and I won't be soaked all the time. Plus I hate jogging and having my hair stick to my face. But as it's been so long since I've seen a stylist, it's needing a trim to get the dead bits off and put some shape into it so it'll grow easier. To be honest, my hair has never lasted this long and remain healthy. Not since I was a child. I've also stopped colouring it and have a good two inches of silver blended into the brown, mostly at my left temple. I've been debating some high-lights to make the re-graying look less rootish.

So, Husband leaves on Sunday and he'll be denied his Father's Day, so we'll have to do something tomorrow for him. Sassy is really depressed about him going, she gets anxious and is probably thinking about all the bad things that could happen with him not here. She'll be hard work for the next two weeks. And, her birthday is on Tuesday and she's upset he'll not be here, so I may go ahead and make birthday cakes now so we can have a wee family party together. They've both said they'd rather wait until Tuesday to open Sassy's presents - yes, the child wants to wait until the 17th to have her pressies. I'd have been "Gimmie gimmie!" but not her. If it wasn't for the fact she looks so much like me I'd swear she was a hospital swap.

I get my new glasses tomorrow. I have to buy supplies at the Chinese market, and return a blouse I bought because the sequins keep falling off.

I think Sassy will end up sleeping in my bed with me; she'll need the comfort, and I hate sleeping in the big bed by myself. Maybe three of us in the bed. Maybe two of them in my bed, and I'll take one of their single beds. It's going to feel strange and lonely without Daddy home.


Doug said...

Go treat yourselves to something nice . . . do you have an ice cream shop nearby?

It's beautiful out here lately. Your husband's coming into some fine weather.

Sarah said...

Oh! Make a cardboard cut-out of daddy and call it normal.