Friday, June 20, 2008

So annoying...

Remember I said I bought the Excell 10 Loriel hair colour because my stylist said if I'm colouring my hair darker then it won't be damaging, but better for it, so I went to the drug store and bought this stuff? Well it sucks. It's awful. It didn't colour the greys the same as the normal hair and it was extra staining on the skin - so I have patches on my skin that look like bruises, and the bottle used to apply it gets really slippery and I fought with the damned thing the whole time - thinking I better hurry up and get this shit on my head before the 10 minutes are up. Too damned stressful! then as the colour was developing I noticed it was purpleish - that means it's turning my hair red. Fuck! I didn't want reddish hair - which is why I bough chocolate brown. Dark chocolate brown. Not auburn, not mahogany, not even fucking cherry chocolate brown - chocolate fucking brown! And I now have brown with red and I hate it.

So Loriel excell 10 is a complete waste of money.

And the conditioner smells bad too.
Me: new glasses, new hair.Me: new glasses, new hair.Me: new glasses, new hair.Me: new glasses, new hair.


Blazngfyre said...

I am so sorry you didn't the colour you wanted.
Personally? I use Clairol products.
I have had many issues with L'Oreal.
One of which is the fact that it doesn't cover greys for shit AND the color NEVER comes out right!

Also, if you have natural red tones in your hair, you need a shade of brown that has a drabber and/or ash base. Otherwise, the red comes through.

Blazngfyre said...

ps/ I like the color! :D

Ree said...

But darlin, so very pretty!

Donna said...

With That face????LOLHahaha...You'd look good with Green hair and nobody would care!!!LOL.....You're beautiful!!! Don't sweat it...try using cold cream or alcohol(rubbing) get the staining off your skin...Then if you want to lighten it a bit, start using a stripping shampoo...something harsh.
Happy day sweetie!! (I like it!)

Anonymous said...

Good thing you're hot else everyone would be staring at your freaky hair!


Give it a couple of days and then use something else on it. If it's less damaging, then it won't matter much. Then condition the ever-lovin' hell out of it.

I've suffered from many a bad color!

Lyvvie said...

I love the women who come to my rescue. *HUGS*

I may just give up on L'oreal for good. The original plan of just letting it go au naturel? maybe. maybe.

I have the best blog friends. <3

Crystal* said...

That blows, doesn't it?
The bra debacle continues. I have cup underwire and the other not. *grins* evil heifer...I was hooked on bento links yesterday.
Holy criminey.
Where do you get your rice?

Lyvvie said...

What's evil about Bento? *heeheehee*

I get my rice from the Chinese market. It's a Japanese rice made in California - this stuff gets around it seems. I find it amazing and damned annoying you folks can get so much on Amazon and we in the UK can't. So unfair. But any short grain sushi specific rice will be fine.

I spend a hideous amount of time trawling sites too looking to steal ideas in find inspiration.

Overboard said...

I think it looks good, Lyvvie but next time go for Hello Kitty pink to match Sassy's bento boxes.

Maja said...

You look so young!

Maja said...

And your glasses are AWESOME!

trinity67 said...

1. I concur with donna.
2. I think the colour looks fabulous on you.
3. Having said 2., I know what you mean - when you don't like your hair.