Friday, June 06, 2008

Sassy's Sports Day

Today was Sports Day at Sassy's school. She always gets a bit anxious about sports day because she's not the fastest, she's not competitive and she gets embarrassed. We can add this in with the writing and acting anxiety - running in front of her whole school also stresses her out.

To her credit though, this year she wanted to prepare. She told us three weeks ago that Sports day was coming and she didn't want to come in last again on the 30 meter relay race. (I think it's 30 meters. It looks 100 feet to me but fuck me, I'm awful at metric) So I told her we would practice every night, go out for a short run, do some sprints and build up her endurance and speed. She was all for it. So most nights We've gone out - mostly Sassy and her Dad - and run a course and done sprints with a stopwatch. She's really loved it. So when this morning came, although she was a bit anxious, she was also looking forward to the races.

Well, isn't it awesome when hard work and determination gives results?

Sassy's Sports Day

That smile is worth a million. A hundred million. Nah, it's fucking priceless.


heartinhand said...


Ree said...

Sassy! Congratulations Girl!!!

Sarah said...

Best EVER!
Tell your beautiful daughter she's kick-arse.
No wait...don't say arse.
Just tell her she's amazing, will you? ;)

trinity67 said...

Good for you Sassy!!!

S L Cunningham said...

Priceless? It certainly is. Seems like only yesterday when my daughter was your daughter's age. Today she just finished her third year at UC Davis. It is good to see you enjoying your experience with her.

Weary Hag said...

A smile indeed. Man, she is just glorious.