Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sassy Bento 3/6/08

The kids had school off yesterday so I didn't bother with bentos. Even Husband was sent to work with a boring old sandwich. I have no excuse except for laziness as to why he got a sandwich today too. - a roast chicken, stuffing, gravy and salad one! At least a fancy sarnie.

Today Sassy gets Haribo and a joke (The punch line reads "He over swept). Middle bit has two bear rice shapes in salt and sesame flavour. One has shredded carrot rolled on the outside - I was thinking it may look more tigerish. The other looks cross-eyed. Nori faces.

Two quail's eggs with cut outs - so much easier with quail eggs vs chicken eggs! - with sesame seed eyes and nori mouth. carrot flowers, broccoli bits and rocket salad underneath.

I was running out of time this morning - yes all done in the morning! No evening prep today...damn I was lazy last night. Anyways, the bottom has salami and cheddar with a roll of smoked ham and a babybel. I'm sure the ham didn't need to be there at all but the bottom looked rather empty, now it just looks dumb. Ah well.


Anonymous said...

How do you cut the eyes out? Do you use a craft punch or do you freestyle it?

Lyvvie said...

I use a craft punch. In fact, there's a really nice one that allows the user to make like 20 different faces from one punch. But it's only in Japan and I can't get it. I'm working on a swap with a Woman on a USA base. When I made Darth Vader, that was mix of of my own scissoring and pre-cut.

Ree said...

Hey Lyvvie, Do the schools run year-round there?

Lyvvie said...

No, the kids get six weeks over summer. From July 3rd until about 3rd week in August. They get two weeks off in October, Two weeks over X-mas, Two weeks in April and the assorted long weekends for holidays and teachers' conferences.

So when your kids are graduating and starting Summer, our kids have four weeks of school left to look forward too. So don't rub it in too much ;)

jmc said...

I love the bento photos. Your descriptions and the imaginative contents make me feel guilty that I don't make more of an effort to pack my lunch -- grabbing a frozen entree out of the fridge in the morning is my usual.

Shelia said...

I love love love looking at your kids' lunches! My oldest would love to have any one of your creations, minus the cute faces (he's 17). My two middles would probably try, but my youngest is allergic. No corn, rice, or sesame. Plus, dairy makes her tummy hurt so I'm a crazed mom when it comes to food for her. It's a good thing she was born in the USA and not in Asia!

Nora Roberts: Have you read the Blood Brothers Trilogy yet? The second one, "The Hollow" was just released this past month. So good. Unique plotline with good luvin'.

Lyvvie said...

Hey JMC! You know, a lot of folks will take those frozen entree meals and pop them into a bento with a few things to make the lunch more special. I peruse bento groups on flickr to get a lot of ideas.

Sheila - how are you?! I know a few of the bento folks will make onigiri with quinoa and oats or just shaped meatballs. You could make mini savoury muffins with egg and chicken or ham.

My youngest is allergic to eggs and milk so I know where you're coming from with crazy about what they eat - it's why I started bento lunches - to give them something extra special so they never feel left out from what other kids are eating.

Ree said...

It's a mixed blessing having them out during the summer to be sure.

As tired as I am of all of the whining about school, I think long breaks like they get does affect their learning.

Thanks though. I was curious.