Sunday, June 08, 2008

Like water through my fingers...

That's money lately. Can't seem to keep a hold of it. As hard as I try something comes up that urgently requires my finds. I've even had to dip back into my credit card - the damned thing I keep for emergencies but sincerely despise having a balance on. But holes in my jeans, stained tops and an overall scruffy appearance that had me getting anxious about whether my Husband may forage in pastures far for something a bit prettier (Not that he ever would, and he's be insulted if he read that as he is the fiercely loyal type) I spent £106 £129 £180 on new clothes and summer coats. I only like about 30% of it and, No New Shoes, sigh. I've also been struggling with headaches from eye strain so I went and had an eye exam yesterday. Got two pairs of new glasses with proper anti-scratch, anti-reflective lenses £275/$540. Yikes. I'll show you what they look like when they arrive next week, one are black and lime, the other are metallic red and black frames. But these are the first new glasses in five years so I suppose if I wait another five years they'll have paid for themselves. Glasses are no longer a "just for reading" thing - I'll need them all the time. Just about. I'm still ok for going out and about, can read a license plate at 20 feet and all that. But reading, computer, watching TV; after a while my eyes get really tired and everything goes a bit blurry at the edges.

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I just spent £80 on groceries - and that was a mixture of Aldi (A discount food store) and Tesco for essentials like soya milk. I'm going to have to rethink how I shop, organize meals etc. Reduce waste. Ideally I would shop for meals on a day-to-day basis, but it doesn't end up saving me much money. I've tried it. If it works out as I've planned, the groceries I've bought should last almost two weeks, unless the family takes to scavenging and snacking like locusts - which happens all the time. I'll have to top up on fresh veggies and fruit but the basics are in place.

Here's the dinner plan:

Monday: Boned chicken thighs grilled in teriyaki sauce, salted crispy skin strips with seasoned rice, edamame and green beans.

Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce and garlic bread. I'll make the meatballs myself with beef and sausage meat.

Wednesday: Spring rolls and "special fried rice" I make all of it myself. The rice is made with one chicken breast, six shrimp and two slices of bacon all finely chopped after cooking with a mix of veg and a cup of cooked rice fried in sesame oil and soy sauce - this feeds all of us and leaves extra for lunch the next day. Spring rolls are cabbage, carrot, red pepper, spring onion, sesame seeds and Thai 7 spice wrapped in bacon and then wrapped in rice wraps. It says to deepr fry them, but I prefer to coat them in sesame oil with y hands and roast them.

Thursday: Turkey and veg pie with mash potato and gravy.

Friday: Chicken and veg curry and rice.

Saturday: Chicken stir fry with rice noodles.

Sunday: Cook's Day off - I make sandwiches and whatever I feel like eating myself and want to share. They don't like it, they can go hungry. Sunday I rule the house.

The week after will be easier because it's just the girls and I as the Husband is away to America for a business trip. I'll need to make a cake on Tuesday for Sassy as it's her 9th birthday.

So yeah. Money is great when you have it, frustrating when everyone else wants it. I suppose the thing that's getting me down about it is everyone else seems to be rolling in money just now. the kids are getting money from Grandma Betty every week - every week! They'll soon have so many toys they'll have no where to sleep. It's very spoiling and I'm not best pleased with it. I want them to save their money, or where will the fun of getting presents on Birthdays and Christmas come from if they just go and buy everything they want themselves? Husband is earning tons from overtime and getting some well deserved treats, like his Macbook and we're getting a new TV and I struggle. My fault really but I'm not the sort to ask for help. I'm sure some find it weird that Husband and I maintain separate accounts, but it's how it works for us. It worked better when I was in full-time employment that way neither of us had to make accountable the other for what we wanted. But now, I feel like those small luxuries I used to enjoy are gone now. I also feel like the hired help. Yet, I hate that feeling that I'm owed anything. I'm too proud to ask to be bailed out, and would feel guilty if anyone did. It's complicated. Well not really - I just have to stick to my budget in order to pay off debts and I'm getting jealous of everyone else's affluence. Which makes me surly company most of the time.

The thing is, sure Husband is great and takes us out for meals, and buys books and he really does a lot for us - but I don't want things bought for me - I want to buy my own. I want my own money. I hate hate hate being reliant on someone else. I'd be the worst "kept woman". Or the best depending on the keeper's view. I certainly don't want to paint him as stingy - he's absolutely not. He's very generous. I'm just proud and bossy.

I'll stop blathering on about that crap now. I did have to fix the toilet seat today, which quite honestly is Man's work and the man is utterly preoccupied with work, his CV and emigration that I got fed up with waiting for him to fix it - so I did. And I cussed a lot. Fucking toilet seats are a bitch to fit. And then my next project is fix the problem that's arisen from "The Devil makes work for idle hands." And those hands have been given a smack. What started as a small ding in the wall has been worried by those idle hands into this:

The Hole on the wall

There's about four layers of paint that easily just peel off the main wall which tell me that the folks who first owned this house were idiots and had no frigging clue how to properly prime the wall. Funny enough, the ceiling is also peeling and needs redone. At this point I'm near ready to get the whole frigging bathroom refitted. Frig. I will admit - I'm really temped to pick a big strip of the paint off myself. I'm in that frustrated, destructive mood.


Weary Hag said...

There are people who would pay your little 'idle hands' one to come in and peel their paint off the walls. Clearly the place is new enough where there is no concern for lead - yeah?

Poor you. Money worries... well, it's all good babe. I don't recall a time in my life when money wasn't of some sort of concern.

This weekend? Our washer has decided to complain LOUDLY and probably needs a new belt. Our dishwasher handle broke off in our hands (luckily and unluckily... the dishes were all washed inside... BUT the dishes were all washed INSIDE) It was locked shut till Ed broke into it a short time ago.

What next?

S L Cunningham said...


Not sure why it is, but I've noticed lately that the cost of things has become increasingly disproportionate to what we actually make. Here in the US, the domino effect that the high cost of gas has had on everything from food to clothes has caught most everyone by surprise. Some people say this is just a repeat of the late seventies. A repeat? Hardly. Back then the jump in fuel prices made for a minor inconvenience, not a major hardship like today. And I'm afraid it will only get worse.

My sister's married to a Navy officer, and she hasn't had to work, choosing to stay at home with her three children. Like you, she missed not having her own money to buy things just for herself.

Hope your house doesn't offer up any more surprises.


Ree said...

The menu sounds lovely. Especially the spaghetti and meatballs. Yum.

And go ahead, strip off a bit of paint. it's good for the soul.