Thursday, June 05, 2008

Husband and Sassy bentos for 5/6/08

Sassy gets her first Pokemon Bento today. I saw someone else do this on a Japanese site and thought - how freaking easy is that!! So had to do it. This is Pseudo Woodo, in case you're not up the 'Mon, mon.

The rice is a mixed furikake and leftover grilled turkey juices. Pseudo Woodo is a cooked hotdog - to give him that gnarled bark wood-look with, hands. Cheese and nori eyes and a nori strip for a mouth. Red pepper and mooli flowers, hot dog flower things and eds held together to look like a heart, a quail's egg and some carrot sticks and left-over red pepper bits from garnish. A strawberry school bar and a sectioned tangerine finish off the meal. I hope she'll be psyched.

Now - just between you and me; we've gotton the SassyFace a *whisper* Pokemon bento box for her birthday in two weeks Shhh! She'll pee her pants when she opens it.

Well I guess this is the protein bento. Husband will appreciate, I'm sure.

Top has carrots, cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers with a couple mooli (like daikon radish) flowers and some leftover bites of grilled turkey steak. A small bottle of soy sauce, mirin and sesame oil for dressing the veggies if so desired.

Bottom has mixed furikake - I don't now what it's called but it has everything in it - rice which I poured the cooked turkey juices into for extra flavour, two quail's eggs, salami, herbed Bavarian smoked cheese swapped cutouts.

I'm now hungry again. Damn.


Crystal* said...

I made the freaking mistake of letting my baby chicken read over my shoulder while perusing your blog.
Showed her the cute bentos.
And what did I get???
"Gee, Mom. If you didn't work, you'd do that for us, huh?"
Sure, chickie. If I didn't work forty hours a week at the job. If I weren't a single parent of three teenage girls. If I didn't write in my *snort* spare time. And if I didn't have to drive thirty minutes one way with gas prices at $4 a gallon.
Sure. I'd hook ya up.

Sylvana said...

These are fantastic. I love Pokemon too. SSB recently purchased a tiffin, which is similar to a bento, but we have yet to put anything in it. We might bring it on our trip.

2 more months!!