Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday SassyFace!

Birthday Girl!

Sassy is 9 years old today. Yay!

My alarm went off at 7am this morning and she bounded in, fully dressed for school, bouncing up and down singing "I'm nine! I'm nine! I'm NiIiIiINe!" and completely full of beaming joy. Then she rushed downstairs and opened her presents which kept her suitably occupied that she never even looked at the nintendo DS.

She's wearing her new Baby-G watch, and this picture was taken with her new camera. I'm now rather jealous as her camera is way more posh than mine. She's had a cheap digital camera since she was four and it still works, she still loves it so we decided to splash out on a Fugi Finepix for her. She also got books, a Legend of Zelda t-shirt, wee build it yourself remote controlled robot, The Golden Compass, Pokemon card set and a new Pokemon bento box.

Unfortunately she did leave the house in tears, pissed off beyond belief because evil Mommy refused to let her go to the bus stop with a chocolate bar. She figures because it's her birthday I'm going to break the rules - I'm sure her teacher really wanted a surly sugar addled kid in her class at 9am. Not going to happen. We've been having trouble with her behaviour lately - being disruptive in class, tantrums, generally immature and bratish. So no way she was getting a candy bar at 8:30AM before school. I'm pretty sure there's not been a birthday where she's not been threatened with having her presents taken away if she didn't shape up and behave herself. Usually it happens later in the day when she's tired and crabby, I wasn't prepared for the pre-coffee fit.

I'm now going to make her a birthday cake, have pity on me. My kid is sugar intolerant, and I have to make her a cake. *sigh* Maybe a birthday ham should be implemented in our house instead of cake?

I hope she has a great day in school, that she's brightened by her new pokemon bento which will be a lunchtime surprise as I didn't wrap it or tell her about it.

Sassy Bento

This is a small bento, suitable for a small child's appetite but may be a struggle to get enough for a growing nine year old. It's the Pokemon that important though. We got it from e-bay.

Top has two heart shaped sesame furikake riceballs, red pepper bites, sugar snap peas, turkey bites.

Bottom has four cherries, a marshmallow sweet and a mini bag of Milky Way stars.

I added in an extra apple, granola bar and juice. For after school, we made goodies bags for all of her classmates which have three sweets and a balloon so she - and the other 27 kids in her class - will be a hyped up sugar junkie by 3:05 this afternoon. I'll be popular with the other parents, no doubt.


Anonymous said...

She is lovely... I cannot get over how much she looks like her mama!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the birthday meltdown. How lovely for you! You only have about nine more years, maybe ten, before she's a normal human. Godspeed Lyvvie!


Badger said...

Aw, happy birthday to SassyFace!

Ree said...

Happy Birthday 9 year old!

Hey, Lyvvie, I have a bunch of Pokemon cards I'm happy to ship across the ocean. Email me if you're interested.

Sarah said...

You're the BEST mum ever.
Belated birthday wishes to Sassy!