Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flickr Bento Challenge: Summer

Bento Challenge: Summer, originally uploaded by Lyvvie.

Tossing in my entry for the bento Challenge which is Summer. I made sushi rice, wasabi furikaki - well it was supposed to look like a distant woodland hill. Yeah. And a quail's egg yolk sun with egg white rings and gulls. Imitation crab waves and boats. Quail's egg Cap'n and water skier. I left some of the shell on the eggs to look like hair. Red pepper skis.

I really wanted to have the water skier being chased by a shark's fin but couldn't think of how to make grey food, and then ran out of room. So just know - Jaws is in the depths.

As soon as the picture was loaded, SassyFace went and ate it. So no one ate this for lunch after all.

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Weary Hag said...

Isn't that purdy!! I get a kick out of the things you're doing with food.