Monday, June 09, 2008

Bentos for 9/6/08

Click "Continue" for the full post! Sassy forgot to give me her usual Happy Balloon bento so we had an interesting science experiment going on in there. that means she gets her little sister's strawberry candy bento. To be honest, as it is a wee bit smaller it may suit her appetite better.

Top has her edible joke, three crispy cookies of mixed seeds and raisins and a couple chewable vitamins.

Middle is seasoned crispy turkey steak on furikake rice with carrot and radish flowers with sugar snap pea leaves.

Bottom has a babybel, baby plum tomato, a couple red peppers, some baby corn, sugar snap peas and a couple cocktail salamis.

The flooers, they be bloomin' and thars a sweet smell o'life and the sea abound, arrr! As I live in Scotland, It's quite easy to talk like a pirate. All the time. It makes life fun.

Anyways...Husband's bento for today has cheerful flowers in it, because dammit - I know those menfolks like flowers. Even if they're made of carrot. Sure, salami flowers are probably preferred but we can't spoil the fun of a salami flower by having them everyday.

Top tier has seasoned crispy turkey steaks on furikake rice with carrot, wasabi (for gluing the wee bits) and radish flowers, sugar snap pea leaves.

Bottom tier has red pepper - really sweet and juicy right now - radish sakura, extra sweet baby plum tomatoes, cocktail salami - aren't they the cutest! you can et them skin and all - and sugar snap peas.

He gets a packet of roasted peanuts, an apple and a plum in his lunchbox.

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