Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bentos for 4/6/08

Two days of sandwich lunches and Husband now deserves a proper bento.

Top tier has two mirin furikake filled inari that I folded over a bit to make fit and cut a quil's egg in half to make the two heads of eggs in the bath with prawn tails sticking out the end. I wanted to make them look like wee mermaids and planned on cucumber green cut to look like fins - but I ran out of cucumber. So they look kind of rude instead. Cherry tomatoes, salami flowers - What?! A bloke can have salami flowers! And a star onigiri.

Bottom has a grilled ham, carrot and pepper roll that I added Thai 7 spice and sesame. Shrimp, carrot and a heart onigiri.

Husband is Loved, and he is a Star.

Sassy says two onigiri are too much for her to eat at lunch, so although there are two here, I made them thinner because I need to fill the space up with something! Or else she'll have to get a smaller bento box. Now there's an incentive to get more gear if ever there was!

Top has bx of raisins, haribo and the edible joke for the day - which I love.

Two star mirin furikake onigiri with nori stars, two HB quail's eggs, raw broccoli and rocket leaves.

Bottom has ham and cheese wheels with hot dog flowers and crabs and carrot sticks.

Tell me; do you think it's weird this kid will happily eat raw broccoli but refuses to eat it cooked? She is a weirdo, right?


Crystal* said...


I'm the same with carrots.

Weary Hag said...

Is that stuff seafood? I can't stand seafood. Is it raw stuff? Ew.
I'm so sorry. I just cannot tell a lie. :)
My husband doesn't like cooked carrots but likes them raw with dip. Go figure.

Hey, that curse-o-meter? My site only got 34%. Damn. I'll have to work on that.

Good to see you Lyv ...

Lyvvie said...

No my Weariness, there's no raw seafood in this one, just meat, cheese, rice and lots of veg. For their lunches I don't give raw seafood, the closest would be smoked fish which is perfectly safe to eat raw. Mostly smoked salmon or mackerel. *hugs*

Chrys - but the sweetness of the carrots comes out when you cook them. Bur raw broccoli is so bitter and leaves a yucky taste and smell in the mouth like bum air. She does it to vex me, I'm certain.

Sarah said...

Have you thought about opening shop with these yet?!

Lyvvie said...

I'd lose my mind if I had to make dozens all day. It's fun now, try and make money from it and it stops being fun. I'm wired that way. But you come over and I'll make you one - with tofu?

Sarah said...

You need servants!
You can be the artistic input, they can be the worker bees, and you can get zee profit.

I say yes.