Monday, June 02, 2008

Awareness makes me tired.

I've been a busy person and not had all the time in the world to do the blogging thing where words come and feelings are expressed. Observations beyond the point-n-click of my camera is just too much of my time. It's probably a good thing because the being attached to my computer gets lame when the sun is shining and the world is blooming and there's things to do, people to see and stuff to see and smell and be a part of. Don't get me wrong - the internet has it's fun too but it doesn't hold a candle to real life.

So real life has been finishing a Romans project with Sassyface where she had to re-create a Roman artifact. Sassy wanted to make a shield, so we bought bendy plywood, primer, red gloss and a rubber ball and got cutting, painting and today we still have the decoration to affix. The project is due tomorrow, and it's raining today. We really need a nice sunny, gusty day to ensure the paint is all dry for tomorrow! The kids have today off from school, and I forget why. There seems to be a Monday holiday every Monday this month. It used to be great when I worked in the bank. I'll put up a pic of the finished project.

I don't want it to look like we parents did it all - we didn't! Sassy's done a lot of it - everything that didn't include a jigsaw. But it makes me a bit annoyed really because there was a contest recently to create an elaborate hat or mask for the Scholastic book fair - and most of the first place winners were obviously "Parentally assisted" to the point I bet the kid was pissed off at not getting to play with the glue and paint themselves. Sassy gets a bit miffed at me for not doing her homework for her so she can win the contests - Can I get a sympathy groan please? She'll have a tantrum over it - "You do it Mom!" No way. I'll help but I'm not teaching my kid it's ok to cheat and pass off someone else's work as their own.

I remember a cake baking contest when I was in 4th grade and the winner - who was a stuck up snot of kid whose Mom was a hair dresser and sent her daughter to school with Bo Derek 10 braid extensions - had made a very pretty cake that looked like a carousel, complete with sugar horses and poles and a top. Store bought by Mom and passed off as their own. Everyone cried cheat, but she still won. Her smugness just got beyond worse from then. This was the same girl who wore Whitney Houstonesque curly perm extensions down to her butt to the senior prom. Ugh. So, because Kristy was such a spoiled, disgusting wretch of a girl - her Mom has a lot to answer for - I refuse to encourage such things in my own kids.

We've got veggies growing too - they're still just seedlings, but just about ready to be moved to the grow-bags and veggie planters I bought. I also picked up some other types of veg to get planted. A bit late in the season now I know but we'll see. We have tomatoes and pumpkins seeding just now, and I'm going to plant carrots, radishes and beets. I wish I'd thought to set up a climbing net on the fence as I'd have loved to grow cucumbers. Next year! I have Livingston daisies almost ready to move into the front flower beds. I love the neon colours of these flowers.

We spent yesterday down in Glasgow because Husband went to attend a seminar on Australian emigration hosted by representatives of all the Oz states and the Federal government. It was very informative and got us a to-do list that should see us on our way efficiently. Husband is a bit peeved that he's required to take some Australian computer science society competency exam - which is supposed to be really hard - when he's got a degree and 14 years work experience. But needs must as they say.

As the economy is taking a shift against us financially, and we're not getting any younger we're going to have to change our plans - again. We're planning the emigration direct to Australia and have to skip the Japan move. We'll go on extended vacations to Japan as it still holds a fierce fascination for us, but with the kids being just the right age to emigrate - Sassy may be a bit too old for it to be comfortable - and we're still in our 30's the big move is best done now in the next couple years. After we reach 45 it'll be really hard to get in and get a permanent visa. Once we do get one, who knows, maybe we will still pop off to Japan for a couple years. Plus, Husband can get dual citizenship. So could I, I suppose. The kids - well I don't know, could they have three passports? Imagine that. American, British and Australian passports. There has to be a law against such a thing, and yet I wonder.

While husband was at the seminar, I went shopping around Glasgow and bought summer clothes for Sassy, and a lightweight jacket for me. I got a lime green one and a lemon one - I love bright summer colours and do you know how many shops I had to go into to find a coat that A) Fit B) wasn't black? Dozens. Why are the shops selling nothing but black, navy and khaki jackets in frigging June?? No bright colours anywhere. I'd actually given up when I spotted these coats on my way to take Shorty to the toilets. They had coats in bright colours and in my size! Yes, I need to buy coats in a size 20 - shocking! But I have to have 21 inches across the shoulder and still button over the E cups. So my coats always look too big, but I can zip them up. I also bought two pairs of jeans and four tops. I kind of hat them all, but they were necessary as my old jeans have holes and all my shirts are for the gym...and it was getting a bit sad really. When I was young and thin and poor I'd spend hours shopping and coveting clothes. Now I'm older, have money and chubby and I can't think of anything more tedious.

Also, I got my new laptop - and I'm now able to play with it. On second thought, I should've done this post one it. Just didn't think to. It's a Hewlett-Packard mini-notebook. I know I said I was going to get an EEE, but this is so much better and it was only a wee bit more money. This is a proper laptop. the only pain was Linux didn't want to work well on it - it was flaky on linking up to wifi, so we ended up putting XP on it (Vista bites). There's quite a lot of positive reviews on the net and youtube if you're curious. I'll let you know in a month or so what I think about it.

So - anyone want a second hand Psion 5?


Anonymous said...

In grade eight shop class, this redheaded girl named Donna took her project home for the weekend to work on it. Clearly her older brother or her dad did the work because on Monday morning, the shop teacher was gushing over it. I told her I KNEW she had help because there was no WAY she could have done that herself. She got all huffy and I wanted to beat the crap out of her.

I assist my kids, but let them lead the way with school projects. I'm not raising any Donnas! LOL! Glad to see you aren't either!

Overboard said...

The next time I go to the 50p shop, I'm gonna take some pics of all the bento extras you can buy and if you want me to send you anything, I can.
I mean, there's a shitload of 'extras' for bentos. Little tubes to put ketchup in, separators, rice ball molds etc etc and cute little bento boxeds and chopsticks and chopstick cases and all for 50p little bento box let me know.

Lyvvie said...

I'm glad you said so Rox, because I've held onto this bitchiness for so many years and just can't let it go - I hated that girl! She was such a snot and spoiled and got so much attention when it wasn't deserved. I'm sure I was unbearably jealous, but so were the other 28 kids in my class. Glad to know I wasn't alone in that.

Don't Tempt me! I could bankrupt myself easily, but I may take you up on that offer closer to X-mas time. *wink* Thank you! Arigato Gozaimasu!