Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So I get a little obsessed sometimes!

So what? There's no harm...really. So I forget to blog about other things. There's not a lot going on just now so what's there to talk about? Sure the weather is fabulous (although it's raining today) and Spring is moving into Summer, and I have really nice new neighbors who are so quiet considering there's five of them in that small three bedroom house and I'm jealous of the kids are so into gardening and I want to hire them to come play in mine for a while just to turn over and mulch the beds now the daffodils and tulips have gone by - oh a weed hunt! I'd have candy prizes for a good weed hunt. Rubber gloves supplied by me to protect fingers from thistles and nettles.

I haven't read anything since my Mom left, I've been making a real effort to keep the house tidy and vacuumed - a real challenge when here's sand being blown in all the time. And the bento stuff is really exciting just now and a lot of fun - where I'm planning fun themed bentos every so often and how to get them done from food and all that stuff - it does become obsessing. Does ham or turkey make a better fleshtone? Can I cut this fragile nori just so without tearing it (usually the answer is no)? Will it all fit in? Will it look dumb? Will they like me - the flickr group people who I want to impress with my natural talents - that's where the fantasy part slips in - and well do they really like me? blah blah head is determined to be busy.

Currently sleeping about five hours a night. This is what the longer days of Summer do to me. In a month's time I'll be getting three to four and getting rather weird. I'm sure my archives will reveal I get weird at these times. I tend to drink a bit more in order to knock myself out at night...not that it ever works for long. Once I hear the birds chirping at half three in the morning *Bing* I'm up! You'll always read about seasonal affective disorder bothering people mostly in the winter with depression from lack of sunlight. I get sleep deprived from too much. And black-out blinds and ear plugs don't work - I've tried. Really what I should do is just go with it and cut back on all the busyness of the day - you know like a siesta time. Slow down - since there's so much more time to get things done I should chill the pace and not get so charged up about everything. The laundry can be hung to dry and I can forget it until 9pm. Meals are easy because who wants stew in Summer? Nah just quick grill meats with easy veggies and salads.

And I'm yawning as I type this...I'm going for a shower, brb.

SO much better! And I made some coffee.

Which reminds me of something else bugging me. I found out my decaff coffee was actually not decaff. I hate when that happens! And it happens more often than you think. In America it's really easy to find the decaff coffee: it's in green. Regular isn't. Green lid and label = decaff. Just like in restaurants the decaff coffee pot has an orange top, regular is black. But here it's anything goes. Actually, it looks like they're trying to streamline the decaff into blue label and lid = decaff. So silly me I went and grabbed the Kenco coffee with the blue lid assuming it was decaff. We've been having caffeine at all hours lately so no wonder we're both not sleeping well. OOpsie! So I went yesterday and got some real decaff. I read the label and everything even though it still had a blue lid. Not Kenco this time, I'm pissed at them for not toeing the decaff = blue lid line.

I really need a haircut. And why am I shedding like a German Shepard? I'm dropping hair everywhere! Plugging up the drain in the shower. It's not like I have full, thick hair to begin with. It was just starting to look really nice and thick for a few weeks, and then it's all popped out. OH and the amount of silver is shocking. It's like I've grown old hair over night. I've decided to just let it grow out and to stop colouring it. I may change my mind when the full horror of the silver is revealed but I'll give it a try. So far I'm very silver at the temples but not much anywhere else. Perhaps I'll end up looking distinguished? Are women allowed to look distinguished?

And a pedicure. I've never had a proper pedicure. Perhaps I should treat myself.

So yes. Bento planning. I'm getting ideas for a series (I sound like an artist don't I - gee whiz) of Batman bentos and Star Wars Bentos...just have to draw out the ideas to get placement right, figure out what foods will make the right colours and shapes and then get cutting and "pasting" (It's great how mayonnaise and other condiments are sticky)


Chick said...

A proper pedicure cures some of life's ills : )

Can't wait to see your series.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the Bentos! Quite frankly, I haven't for the life of me figured out how you find the time to make them, but then I read that you're drinking full caff coffee and VOILA! I get it now.

Try to get some relaxation in before bed. Get back to reading. I fell asleep at 10PM last night. Of course, a woodpecker woke me up at 3, and not the kind of woodpecker one would welcome either.

NWJR said...

Welcome back.