Monday, May 26, 2008

Sassy Bento 26/5/08

Sushi bento for SassyFace too today. She loves sushi and has done since a very young age. We used to take her into Yo! Sushi in Edinburgh (It's gone now, we're very sad about that) as a toddler and the staff were so amazed by her eating anything put in front of her they would give her bits of food and say "See if she'll eat that...Wow!" So she got to eat free there a few times. Maybe that's why they're gone? Anyways...

Top is the edible joke on rice paper with a cut up apple school bar; compressed fruit that looks and has the texture of plasticine but the kids love them.

Middle has two large tuna and avocado maki rolls and four smoked salmon rolls with carrots, mange tout and a piggie full of soy sauce.

Bottom is a hodge-podge of whatever I could think of to fill the bento. I tend to do the veg and extras in the morning, and this morning I was not very sharp. So we have mini salami bites, babybel, cucumber butterflys, raisins and a few smoked turkey and Bavarian cheese wraps.

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Overboard said...

I love your Bento Baby idea and think you should do a book on it. It's a great idea. Especially with schOoll lunches being so crap.
Then celebrate with shitloads of champagne.