Friday, May 16, 2008

Sassy Bento 16/5/08

Sassy Bento 16/5/08

Friday is Pizza Day! And pizza didn't fit well in the rectangular bento box, so since this box came free with the Thermos lunchbox I'll use it.

Three slices of cheese pizza, sliced hot dog, grapes and carrot stars. Two plain teddy rice balls. There's a box of raisins and a clementine in her lunchbox too which I added after the photo out of guilt that may not be enough food in there. There always is because my kid eats like a bird but it's a Mother's worry and so...

Today's joke is "Why did the tomato blush? It saw the salad dressing!"

I used a cut to size non-stick baking sheet to separate the pizza from the rice shapes because I didn't want tomato sauce stains on the plastic. This all fit in the one box which was efficient. It also will keep the rice paper from melting.


trinity67 said...

Cutting non-stick baking sheets to size is brilliant! I'm going to remember that!

Doug said...

World's tiniest pizza slices?

Man, do you ever go to a lot of effort! Do her friends all come and stare at her bento box?

Lyvvie said...

It's not that hard and I can micromanage most of it. Pizza took 15 minutes to cook, rice took 20 minutes while those cook I cut and chop the wee bits. It's the arrangements that take ages because I'm so fussy. The shrimp lunch the day before, which is on ObentoBaby, caused me to almost make Sassy miss her bus as I lost track of time in my faffing about with broccoli garnish.

Ok, I was smugly impressed with myself over the non-stick sheet thing too. And they're reusable for years!

Crystal* said...

You're so damn talented. I swear. I am so Obento envious. lmao
The lunch looks amazing!!!
Anybody else thinking Molly Ringwald from The Breakfast Club?

Ree said...

What are the faces on the rice bears?

When are you going to come make my lunch?

Lyvvie said...

faces are from nori, the seaweed wrap on sushi. I have faces hole punchers that I use. I love them - they re so much fun

Lyn Cash said...

you are brilliant - and such an awesome mommy!

Sarah said...

I've been reading this backwards and I just have to are inspiring me in so many ways for boy and his food.
I want him to be as well looked after as your family.
You're a rockstar!