Monday, May 05, 2008

Pink toys cost more and it's a sexist scandal!

As it's birthday prep time, with Shorty turning four on the 13th and Sassy turning nine on June 17th I've been made painfully aware about how diametrically different these girls are from each other, and how wonderful it is they don't see it or care.

Sassy my Tomboy and Shorty my Girly-girl.

Sassy is now starting to appreciate/fold to the peer pressure to be more feminine. I've not asked her why she's wanting pink combat trousers, or pink sweatshirts when she then wants black sneakers with Action Man and everything Justice League and Pokemon. She's loving her bento lunches but hating the ugly lunchbag I have for her (It's in Miami Dolphins colours, so I sympathize.) So when I was stockpiling at the grocery store yesterday I thought I'd get her a new lunchbag. Simple, nothing fussy. They had two types, a store own brand and a Thermos brand. The Thermos brand was £5.00 and came in black or magenta. The Tesco brand came in black for £1.30, but their pink one was £2.00! Why?! Why would you charge me an extra .70p for the pink one? Does pink plastic cost more? Not according to Thermos is doesn't. So tell me Tesco - what's with the sexism? Oh, it must be sexist - otherwise why not price match the same products?

Because you think I'm going to cowtow to your demands on the basis of my daughter's absolute need for gender advertising? Do you think my kid is going to go into gender identity crisis because I won't spend the extra .70p to get her the pink lunchbag? She'll become the butt of humiliating finger pointing from her girl-friends at school for being the poor kid with a black lunchbag? An object of pity because her mother doesn't think she's worth the pink lunchbag? Why Tesco do you charge more for the pink?

Oh and don't think Tesco is alone in this - have you ever noticed that a lot kid's toys charge more for the pink version of the exact same technologies - and it is tech toys primarily. Never noticed? I did. That's why Sassy has blue and green toys, because I wouldn't pay extra for the pink - it's fundamentally wrong. I'd have gone so far as to boycott the product all together but she really wanted her leapfrog talking book leappad thing.

Well I didn't buy Tesco's lunchbag. Sassy actually did want a pink lunchbag this time, so I bought her the Thermos one. Then I went and wrote a long complaint to Tesco on the scandalous, sexist pricing policy. I actually did use the phrase "Scandalous and sexist!". I don't care the price, £1.30 over £2.00 is nothing really but it's the fact people are being price gouged for feminized products. I'm on a search now to out the sexists and scandalous behavior because Tesco isn't alone in this. ToysRus also have same item/different colours price discrepancies, although granted not as bad as they did a few years ago. I will now challenge this whenever I find it and demand a price adjustment, or the details for the item's company complaints team.

I'll let you know if Tesco gets back to me - they should within 7 days by writing. I'm also writing to ToysRus to let them know that the Bop It toy in pink costs £3.05 more than the multi-coloured one (And it's way ugly!). Oh, and Tesco again is charging £4.00 more for the pink Vtech notebook over the blue one. (Shorty was looking over my shoulder for the searching shouting "I want the pink one!" and I shake my head at the situation I'm in. she wants it but I'm not paying extra for it. I'm not buying it at all. Get used to disappointment, kid.)

The real thing of it is I don't give a shit about the thing being pink over blue, I'd prefer neutral coloured toys anyways - but it's the unfairness to charge more for the girlish colour. That is just wrong unless there's a charitable reasons applied like donations to breast cancer research or something. But that's not the case with any of the items mentioned in this post.

So come here and out your sexist shop! Tell us where else you've found pink items overpriced as compared to the unisex/boys ones. I'm on a rampage now - I'm going to send letters to all of these companies. You should too - I can't be the only one annoyed by this.


PINK Hot Sexy Papa said...

As a sign of my support to you, I shall change my nick to PINK HOT SEXY PAPA.For 5 minutes.

NWJR said...

It's probably related to supply and demand...they just don't sell as many pink items (some parents won't buy them just on general principle, dontchaknow), so the price goes up (which further decreases demand, resulting in an endless spiral).

I feel your pain, though. Damn, my pink accessories were obsenely expensive!


Lyvvie said...

Thanks for the support PHSP *kiss*

When you consider girl births outnumber boy births consistently year on year, I'm still going with the opinion that shops and toy manufacturers are money grubbing scum monkies. Besides - who ever heard of increasing the price of something when demand is low? Get some more coffee, my friend. *kiss*

Anonymous said...

As the mom of two daughters, I understand where you are coming from. Thankfully, my kids missed the whole "princess" theme that parents of daughters are being subjected to nowadays. (Nowadays? WTH?)

Lyvvie said...

But Rox, in 10 years, maybe they'll be going through it? We need to be the feminists of today and help them fight this pepto-pink princess pricing scourge! (Say that 5 times fast!)

tornwordo said...

I think it's great that you're writing letters about it. It really is scandalous and sexist. I noticed the female vitamins were one dollar more than the male vitamins at the drugstore the other day.

Sarah said...

You have updated soooo much!
Tomorrow I come catch up.

Lyvvie said...

Tornwordo - I was hoping to see you because I knew you'd be there with your full support! Regarding the vitamins, I'll wager they'll say because the formulas are different and the cost of individual vitamins concentrations explains the price difference. But if they were the same formula - then Hell Hath No Fury! Dish the details and I'll look into it.

Sarah - I get a bit wordy sometimes, bursts of energy with episodes of naught. You know how it is. I want to see your sneaks a pied.

Maja said...

Wow, I didn't know they were doing this. I don't compare prices of stuff very often. I just see what I like and buy it.

My favourite colour as a kid was blue, never particularly liked pink. Jason's daughter's fave colour is pink, however. She's nearly 18 now, so I probably won't buy her any pink stuff anyway.