Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I get a bit crazy...

When mom comes to visit. I've been eating chocolate and spooning lemon curd out the jar and just eating it. Minor, really. I used to binge for a week, but it's just been today so I think that shows improvement.

I went to the grocery store for some decaff tea and odds-n-sods when I thought; Do I have enough booze in the house? My Mom likes to drink a bit. so I grabbed a bottle of red and white wine and then picked up weird things I can't even remember - except for the promotion price of Lavazza espresso which we currently love since we got the amazing awesome cafetiere stovetop brew thing. So I got that. A few pizzas on sale for under a pound that I can freeze for later days when I don't feel like cooking.

Completely forgot the decaff teabags. But I do have plenty of booze.


Ree said...

As long as you have the booze. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You buy booze, I have to HIDE the booze when my parents come! LOL!