Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forbidden rice; Kitchen Nightmare

The real reason it's forbidden...

Forbidden rice was once only for the Emporer - and I can see why. This stuff for all it tastes nice, a bit like nutty popcorn and has a chewy texture, it's a cooking nightmare. It paints the whole stovetop plum. Now granted, if you are one of those lucky souls who has pots with proper heavy lids where this kind of spitting debacle doesn't occur - tell me where you got them because I don't think I want to endure this much more.

It's worth it though for the lovely purple rice - pretty and flavourful. Now I must go clean it all up.

(Since Trinity asked)

Forbidden Rice


trinity67 said...

Ooooh - you should post a picture of it cooked - I've never heard of purple rice!

Lyvvie said...

I'll mix it with some white rice, as the black rice is quite chewy and not very nice on its own, IMO. So mixing the two in a 60/40 blend works much better. Throw in a lot of toasted sesame seeds, seasoned vinegar and salt and it's delish!

trinity67 said...

Erm...I'm sure it's very delicious but, um, in the photo the rice looks kind of, um...bugg-ish? Sort of like teeny tiny shiny, purple buggies.

Having said that I'd TOTALLY try it - I'll eat anything in fact, one time I baked an apple pie and in this recipe you mixed equal parts of brown sugar and sour cream and at the time, all's I had on hand was low-fat sour cream so I used that. So I bake the pie and pull it out of the oven and cut into it and my girlfriend looks at it and says, "Oh look - you've made Cat Barf Pie.". Because it really looked like that - it looked awful! But despite it looking like cat barf we both agreed that it was DELICIOUS.

So. In my long-winded way I'm hoping that I haven't offended you!!!