Friday, May 23, 2008

Bentos for 23/5/08

Yes I started this one a bit early, but there's a lot of good TV on a Thursday night, so leftovers are chucked right into the bento. But don't think it's a slap dash affair!

My Husband is computer guy, and he loves Linux. I thought a TUX penguin - the Linux mascot, would be the tiptoppiest of man-geek lunch bento eva!

Left is sushi rice with sesame furikake, nori shape and orange pepper feet and beak.

Right has leftover steak with ginger soy and garlic sauce, spring onion and seasme. Carrots, mange tout and leftover pepper bits with a babybel.

As it's 5K day (He's a fit geek) he'll get a sidecar of mixed nuts, dates an orange and an apple.

I can't very well make a fancy bento for Dad without making one for Sassy face too. Once the penguin was done I figured since I had all the stuff out, I'd try an idea I've been toying with, and make a bento dragon.

Lid has fruit chews and gummy bears with an edible joke.

The top is plain rice with red and orange pepper cut out head shape, nori stars and thin strips of nori for eyebrows and frown lines (I have tiny scissors once used for newborn fingernails that did excellent for this). Babybel cheese for eyes, nose and mouth and rocket leaves for whiskers.

The bottom is supposed to be the dragon's tail which is a segmented hotdog with cucumber and carrot, some cheese and ham pinwheels and a red pepper tail tasslething.

I hope with all her running about before school it all stays together, but at least I have this picture to prove I tried.


trinity67 said...

Good lord woman - your lunches ROCK!!! They're so pretty and you're so thoughtful for making them for your family - how lucky are they?!

Sarah said...


Lyvvie said...

It's FUN! I really do like sitting with my huge chopping board on my lap, a few cutters, tiny scissors and a bunch of veggies and meat making these things. Some folks knit, others paint - I kinda like making bento.

Sarah! Like I'd ever tell you not to paint. Come visit your sister and I'll make you lunch.

Chick said...

I didn't think it was possible to top yourself...but you did!

That penguin is genius! I'm gonna learn how to make some rice shapes if it kills me.

Your lunches are so personal & lovely it's amazing.