Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bentos 20/5/08

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Husband is loving his bentos. Apparently his wife loves him better than any of his friend's wives love them. That strokes my competitive ego to no end.

Today he runs a 5K so he's got extras.

Left are three kebabs with mixes of rolled ham, fried chicken, chilli cheese, babybel, red pepper and sugar snap peas on a rocket salad with a few cherry tomatoes to fill in space.

Middle has more peas, carrots and leftover bits of kebab stuff that didn't get put on the skewers with sliced hotdog and a cup of cream cheese with cayenne.

Mixed unsalted nuts, tangerine, apple and a grape tootsie-pop that I got from the American/Mexican import store Lupe Pintos in Edinburgh - awesome shop if you're near there. I spend a fortune there a couple times a year to ease my homesickness.

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I've had five hours sleep - my own fault for getting absorbed in a good book. So Sassy's bento is lacking the child-friendly flair but I'm sure she'll be happy nonetheless for it.

Top is the daily joke (which I love) and some gummy sweets

Middle is cut raw veggies and some cream cheese for dipping with a sprinkle of black sesame seeds.

Bottom are kebabs of roast chicken, rolled ham, cheddar, red pepper and pea pods on some rocket with a few apple flowers dipped in lemon juice so they won't brown. I've also snipped the point off the end of the kebab sticks to avoid accidents at school. You know how kids get.


Sarah said...

Holy crap! DO WANT! *shocked face*
Be my wife?
Oh, and make my husband his lunches?!

Donna said...

What a Good Mom you are!!hugs