Monday, April 21, 2008

SBD Series Dilemmas For Dumbasses (Like Me)

Well according to my feed reader, everyone's been kissing the blarney! Folks who manage one post a week were shouting out three times over the weekend. What's gotten into everyone?? I decided to take a break from the computer because the tension headaches weren't clearing up after drowning myself in filtered water - so not dehydrated then. Must be reading all those small, blurry fonts on the 'puter screen again. Why doesn't everyone use such small fonts? You all know how much I hate wearing my glasses. Have a care, you know.

So I read Black Rose by Nora Roberts. I know I said I was going to read Face The Fire but when I got a chapter or two into it and I figured out it was part three of a series and closed it. It took several page flippings from front to back and back again to find the snippet that says "Read this one first, then this one and finally the one in your hand, dumbass Dear Customer (Unless you got this in a library, where you're just cheap)." I'll go get the other two and read them in correct order.

Which kind of brings me to the complaint part of this post. When an author writes a series isn't in their best interest to advertise as such on the books? Bold and clear somewhere in/on the books? I found it really hard to figure out if the book I was reading was an independent or part of a series, and then just where in the series was this particular book in my hand? It was so hard! And even then I wasn't completely convinced of the series placement. I know I can be a bit lazy but I don't think I should be flipping pages to find out how to read the series. It should say on the back blurb "First in a series, read the other amazing stories blah blah blah"

Take Black Rose for instance; it's obviously part of a series, not that it didn't stand on it's own, because the characters kept referencing previous meetings and occurances. It's not until after the last page, where I expected a wrap up chapter and got nothing! It's not really finished, ha ha. You've got to get book three. Then there's a couple paragraphs promoting the other two books in the series - but it doesn't tell me which one is first, middle or last! How frustrating!

I know if I wrote a series, I'd want my reader to read them in order, even if they got it out of sequence I would at least guide them to the first and last books so they can get their bearings. I'm not saying this is Nora's issue as she wrote the books but the publisher probably made the decision to leave me flapping about wondering which book came first? Who do I write my letter of complaint to? Where do I start? I hate making false starts on books! Help us out a bit Messrs. Publishers, agents and writing world assorted folks.

So in reading Black Rose I think I got the middle of the series. I think it may start with Stella and Logan and then finish with Hayley and Harper. So I don't want to do the book review of this one because I don't feel like I'm finished with the story yet. So I'm going to have to go back to the library. Serves me right for just pulling books off the shelf randomly, I know, but even if I hadn't, I still would've had to ask the librarians how to read the books in the correct sequence.

What was that? Hmm-mm. Oh. Really? You mean, when you list all the titles the author has ever written, you're listing them in reading order? Oh, ok. That makes sense. No really it does. I'm sorry. I get a bit ahead of myself sometimes - can't see the answers for looking at them. I thought it was just alphabetical, or date of publication - but of course they'd be published in order. I'm sure this kind of thing happens to everyone sometimes. Right? It's happened to you I'm sure. No really...think about it. It has right? Of course it has. We're all dumbasses at some point. Ha ha ha.



Crystal* said...

I've done that before with her books. Some of the older series, you're just spitting in the wind.

Ree said...

1. I didn't write yesterday, so that gave you a little break, didn't it?

2. My peeve is writers who can't finish a series. Robert Jordan...Wheel of Time series. He was writing book 12 when he died.

Lyvvie said...

*LOL* Your mad at the poor mad because he died and didn't tell you how his story ended? Damn, you're tough. Seriously! How dare he up and just die and not finish! *lolX2*

Aye Chrys, I did go to the library and pull out a few of the other books where only other books Nora has written were listed, but not the books of the current series that I has holding in my hand. So I'm a bit justified now. I also requested books 1&2 of the Three Sisters Island trilogy, so I'll get that one done soon I hope. At least, with all of this confusion, I'm at least excited about having something to read.

Shelia said...

Black Rose is the middle of the "In The Garden Trilogy." Blue Dahlia is #1 and Red Lily #3. I love love love this trilogy and waited anxiously for the next one to be released. Then, the Monday before Tuesday's release date, I'd re-read the previous one and go get the next.

Hey... I have 4 kids and it's my only "me" time I get, so I read in the tub. Alone. Sometimes. Damn kids.

The 3 Sisters is awesome too and Blood Brothers is #1 of a new trilogy with #2 coming out in May I think.


A little obsessive.....Shelia

Crystal* said...

Three Sisters Island Trilogy is my FAVORITE!!!
Absolutely love it!
You're gonna have a good time.

Kingshuk said...

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