Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lunch with the Dead.

The weather was reporting rain, but all I saw was gorgeous blue sky. I waiting until 10AM for rain to come, it didn't, so I packed bento boxes (my first try at hot dog octopuses.) and got the three of us ready to head off on a hike to St. Bridget's Kirk (St. Bridget of Ireland, not Sweden - I think). It's about two and a bit miles from my house along the coastal path, so a four and a bit mile walk all-together.The kirk is an abandoned ruin of an 11th century church that was last used in the 1830's. I feel it was hanging on for probably a couple centuries before the locals gave up on it and built a new one entirely.

It's a small kirk and it's dripping in Gothic themes of skulls, crossbones, winged skulls and hourglasses. Sorry mate, times up. The earth is swallowing up the dead and their graves, the wind has erased most of the inscriptions and yet the souls there still get an amazing view across the river and regular visitors sit on their tombs to eat packed lunches.

We saw lots of people on the coastal path, and many more dogs. We've never seen so many friendly pooches! One moment I was talking to Shorty, and then the next I looked down to see a very tall black lab lumbering along with me. I surmised later that the dogs were smelling the promise of hot dogs in my back pack, otherwise I'm sure we wouldn't have been as interesting. Many balls were dropped at our feet to be thrown, one wee three legged Yorkie was ecstatic to show us his new toy which he carried his mouth, but we were warned not to try and take it by the owner. He just wanted to say "Look at my toy! Look isn't it great! Let me lean against you so you can get a better view!"

By the time we were getting back home it was clouding over and we'd spent four hours out in fresh air having lots of fun and exercise. The kids were tired by the time we got back, Shorty was very happy to see her own beach as her wee legs had worked the hardest, and she didn't start moaning until twenty minutes from home. I consider that a success. I wasn't going to carry her, and she did amazingly well. Sassy was fascinated with everything. One of the beaches we happened on was covered in white, strange bones from some sea creature including a jaw bone of a fish which she pocketed. Ew. In fact, the last picture with her, she is holding a different bone.

Anyways, here's some pictures:

St. Bridget's KirkSt. Bridget's KirkSt. Bridget's KirkSt. Bridget's KirkSt. Bridget's KirkSt. Bridget's KirkSt. Bridget's KirkPICT0032


Chick said...

You have lovely girls : )

What an interesting place. I love places like that...where you not only can see the history...but feel it as well.

Great photos too.

Donna said...

Looks like you had a lovely outing! Love these pictures!hughugs

trinity67 said...


Ree said...

What gorgeous children you have Lyvvie.

And I can relate to the owner of the Yorkie. Poopy the Puppy will happily crawl into your lap with his rawhide and tell you, in no uncertain terms, with the rawhide still in his mouth, "do not dare touch me".

Masquerade said...

wow sassy's getting SO big!!! And little one looks just like you ;)

Miss you sweetie.

Maja said...

What a great place to be able to go for a walk to and eat lunch at!

Sarah said...


*jaw drops on ground*

Anonymous said...

They are getting so big! Absolutely adorable- you and pops are in trouble when they get older. ;)

tornwordo said...

Such a beautiful place and lovely day.

Lyvvie said...

Stop telling me how big my kids are getting so big! It makes me cry. I'm in denial. They're too sweet to grow up and I'm not ready for teenagers.