Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jamie, You Wanker.

I was in the grocery store getting a few necessaries (necessities?) for making pizza. I was getting some pasta sauce when I noticed Jamie Oliver has his own brand of sauce out now. It costs £1.79, which is almost the most expensive. Loyd Grossman (A snooty Boston cheflike food critic who makes me nauseas) sauces cost £1.59, my favourite Ragu £1.15 so you can see, this stuff from Jamie must be special.

I saw an advert on TV tonight with Jamie Oliver advertising for Sainsbury's supermarket, where he tells us it's so simple to just make our own sauce with onion, tomato, basil, garlic - easy and cheap.

You fucking wanker, how dare you.


Anonymous said...

Is he the one that chews his fingernails? One of those cooking show guys has THE grossest hands ever. I'm going to google it and see if it's him. If it is, don't buy a damn thing from him!

Badger said...

Do people in the UK really hate him? That's what we keep hearing in the US -- that he's just everywhere you look on TV, magazines, etc. and people there are just completely sick of him. Kind of like how we in the US feel about Rachael Ray.

Lyvvie said...

Oh I don't know if everyone hates him. I think a lot of folks are still endeared by him. He's cute, lively, a devoted father, a loving husband, passionate chef - ticks all the right boxes.

I'm in Scotland, where he's not a regular visitor, so I don't know how the English think of him, as he's got opinions on farming, school lunches and gets political. I also find that endearing, others might not.

He did a television show not too long ago about healthy eating where they did live autopsies, and I think that turned a few folks against him, but I thought it was fascinating, and icky, but mostly fascinating. then he did a show about chicken farming where he suffocated baby chicks, that seriously annoyed folks but he was making a point about how disgusting the battery chicken farms are. I think...I dunno I didn't watch it.

Then again, maybe they are fed up with him? (I love that show, always makes me cry with laughter)

trinity67 said...

He suffocated baby chicks to make a point about battery chicken farms?!

Oh dear.

Well, it's a bit extreme but that's one way of getting your point across - worked for me cuz after having seen video footage of chicken suppliers for KFC, I decided to stop eating KFC. (Not sure if they have those in Scotland - it's fried chicken). If you're interested in seeing first-hand what I'm talking about AND you have a strong stomach, search Youtube for KFC.

Lyvvie said...

No no, it wasn't like that. He was making a point about intense chicken farming vs free range. Animal rights and the fact that mass farming is putting sickened animals on our tables. He worked in one of these farms, and the smothering of useless chicks was a part of it. He didn't get any joy from it, quite the opposite.

You can find out about it, if you're curious, here.

My point was more about the charging £1.79 for his own label and then telling me somewhere else how he makes it himself for cheap. And let's be honest, probably a mile better.