Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's WTF Central!

I followed this from The Phantom Professor. Go on and read then come back and discuss.

Back yet? Oh, ok.


Ok ok, if you're too lazy to follow the link here is the story in summary from Gawker "A Dartmouth lecturer is suing her class for discrimination, as she revealed in a series of regrettable and bizarre emails that promptly ended up all over Dartmouth blogs. Priya Venkatesan (Dartmouth '90, MS in Genetics, PhD in literature) emailed members of her Winter '08 Writing 5 class Saturday night to announce her intention to seek damages from them for their being mean to her."

Great WTF, huh?! Can you believe the e-mails? If I'd gotten one of those I'd have shit myself, regardless of the fact I thought my teacher was a dipshit - oh and I've had plenty of dipshit, full-of-themselves, incompetent profs. But, when I found out the prof was a dick/twat I dropped the class. So I'm not sure what the T&C's of Dartmouth's class dropping but if I was confronted with such a confrontational prof I'd do my best to get clear of her before my GPA was affected - not to mention my sanity. (Currently having a cold sweat from flashbacks of UMASS Lowell's statistics class. Fucking prick of a prof he was - who was engaged (sexually not with a ring) to a former student. Sexist pig-beast who thought he was a mutton-chopped God) Ahem.

But when I read this excerpt from Venkatesan's e-mail:

"The feeling that I am getting from the outside world is that Dartmouth is considered a bigoted place, so this may not be news and I may be successful in this lawsuit. I am also writing a book detailing my experiences as your instructor, which will "name names" so to speak. I have all of your evaluation and these will be reproduced in the book.

Have a nice day."

I mean - whoa! What a Cow. No wonder she got no respect. She's a raving LooneyBitch. I'm going to sue you and then write a story about my whole experience and name names, have a nice day. I wonder if she's got a publisher all lined up?And feelings of the "outside world" regarding bigotry really should have no importance unless the feeling inside Dartmouth was the same.

Anyways, from what I read, this centers around one day in class when a student went on a "diatribe" of contrary opinion that earned him an applause from a few other students. So some of these kids are being sued for: clapping. And let's look a bit out-the-box; The class was talking about post-modern patriarchal society blah blah, but they listened to her, a student offered a different/oppositional opinion, and the class applauded his argument; doesn't that sound like they were engaged in subject? Offering up a difference of opinions, weighing the subject, absorbing the information? Where exactly is the fault? If anything this almost works in her favour as a Prof because: isn't that the definition of a good class?? Well, apparently not when you have a Prof who thinks that anyone who doesn't think the same as her will get lower grades and humiliated in class. (So they say)

For the full Sark, go read what IvyGate has to say. Brilliant.

OH - and she teaches a writing class? Yeah. Scary fucking biscuits, Batman.


Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I am thinking of suing the society. What do you think?

... emotional and physical distress over errhhmm weight.

Anonymous said...

I heard recently of a woman suing a restaurant for singing happy birthday to her. Apparently she was embarrassed. Some people need a smack right upside the head.

Crystal* said...

Those who can't write...teach.
Obviously this snarky bitch cow has more issues that National Geographic.
And to that I add...
there's always someone.

Maja said...

Wow, that's just sad.