Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I get bored, I make sushi.

What would you do on a wet and dreary day when the kids are climbing the walls and constantly asking for snacks? You make sushi don't you? Well...I do. We can't get enough.

Sushi making day!Sushi making day!Sushi making day!Sushi making day!Sushi making day!Sushi making day!

Yes I cheat and use a mould as opposed to screwing around with a rolling mat and driving myself infuckingsane. I did that for years and always felt like a complete hack. But even if I screwed it up; ugly sushi still tasted great. My only problem is I love the seasoned rice so much I keep nipping spoonfuls. I must down a ton of rice during prep.

Oh yeah, after six weeks of Atkins induction, I decided rice would be ok once in a while. I was getting to a point where my energy was really low all the time and the magic Atkins Energy never came to find me. I need more carbs in my diet. The ones I've missed the most, oddly enough, aren't the sweets and chocolate, but oatmeal and rice. I love curry with rice, stir-fry with rice; I love rice so I have a small amount of rice - and that feels ok. I can live without pasta which is great - I actually prefer pasta sauce on salad. It sounds weird but something about the hot, meaty sauce on the crispy leaves is just fabulous. And bread is a complete turn off now. I'd never say no to a Cinnabon, but bread is yuck.

I'm going to move back to the bodybuilder's diet which is a 40% protein 40% carb and 20% fat, six small meals a day diet. I had success with this diet in 2006 and I think the messing about, trying other things, pushing the limits of my food sensitivities and addictions, struggling with anxiety - well I'm done now. I know that I have a low tolerance for carbs and even small amounts set me onto ravenous binges and depressive mood swings. I also know I can live without it. So back to the green veg, chicken breast, lean fish and porridge diet. The one that makes me crave butter. *rofl* I can't win!! I'll ease back into this diet by cutting back the fats that I enjoyed on Atkins (Farewell Beloved Bacon! You too cream in my coffee. I loved you more than you know) and that will probably be all I need to do as the Atkins plan follows along close enough. I'll look into The Zone diet a bit more but I know that one does focus on calorie reduction to achieve it's weight loss and that doesn't work for me. Cutting calories for me will equal failure. I need at least 1300 calories a day or the cravings start to overrun and drive me mental. 1500 and I keep my full sanity, and that's with my exercise regime.

So, I waffle on about food a bit now don't I?


Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I am on a new food plan as advised by my nutritionist friend.

I am forcing myself to eat breakfast which I always skip. Not a breaky guy. For lunch, minimal intake of carbo. Dinner-wise, no carbo.

In betweens, i stuff myself with cereal. 2 handful of it. Loads of water and plain green tea. My cut off time is down to 8pm now. Will see whether it works. If it failed, I would like to invite you to a 'slaughter my nutritionist friend' session.

Donna said...

Such a brave soul...sushi...never could "do" it!!lol...Have a wonderful day sweetie!hugs

NWJR said...

I would die. Literally...DIE. No really. DIE...if I couldn't eat bacon or have cream in my coffee.

Life isn't worth living without it.

NWJR said...

Lyvvie: Your post reminded me of this. Lord help me, I'm old enough to remember seeing this when it was first aired.

Trust me. Stick around for the song.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could use MOLDS! I've been rolling them for ages! It kind of reminds me of rolling "fatties" in high school, only they're REAL fat! lol The only fish I ever put in mine is tuna.

Lyvvie said...

Hell yeah babe, molds is the way to go! If you can't find them, let me know and I'll ship you some.

Ree said...

I don't think I could live without rice. I try to keep to the brown version, but every once in a while, I cave to a bowl of white rice with hummus. throw in some pine nuts and I'm a happy, happy girl.

SafeTinspector said...

The sushi does look yummy.
Atkins takes away all the yummy for me.

Sarah said...

DAMMIT! Now I want sushi. Avocado (veggie) sushi of course. *sigh*
Oh and my dietician? You seem to know what you are talking about and my diet is beyond shit.

Maja said...

Sushi is a brilliant snack. That's a good idea.. I might make some this break for snacky food.

Rice is great. I was having a lot of salads with rice for lunch last swing at work and I wasn't feeling hungry all day and all that, but this week there haven't been the rice salads in the buffet and I've been wanting to eat all day every day.

I'm eating porridge for brekky every day. It's so yummy.

Doug said...

You just need that bamboo sheet thingy that makes rolling easy.

When I was in college, I made Karen some pear sushi. She was VERY offended. Said pears had no business being inside a nori roll.