Friday, April 18, 2008

I dunno.

Three nights in a row I've had dreams about Hugh Grant* . I do not know why. The last one was we were supposed to be somewhere, I forget where, and he was driving this landscaping truck that was full of decorative pillows at the back. The doofus was in such a panicked rush he forgot to strap them down so pillows were spilling all over the road. He's driving like he's running from the Mob, or something ; running red lights, two-wheeled turns, burning rubber, slamming brakes. I'm in the back trying to keep the pillows from escaping, not seatbelted or secured in any way, being thrown all over the back of this open-top, framed flat bed truck trying to yell to him to be careful, but he's doing his sputtering, can't talk coherently too busy thinking thing. Cars are swerving all over the road trying to avoid driving over the fluffy decorative pillows. Sincerely at that moment I despised him.

The night before that it was weird conversations with Hugh in a cafe/bar and he kept putting his hand on mine, but with a lit cigarette in his hand and I was worried he was going to drop ash on me and burn my hand. I kept thinking if I drink more liquor it will all be fine, even if he burns me I'll not feel it and maybe, hopefully forget the entire evening.

and the night before that it was just a replay of Sense and Sensibility as I watched it on Sunday afternoon since my SBD friends were talking about it. I've owned it for a year yet never watched it and was fascinated about this noise Emma Thompson makes when Edward (Hugh Grant) comes to see her with his big news - but I didn't get it. See I was mislead by the link to Vicar of Dibley who makes it sound like Emma barks, versus the emotional burst of crying, disbelieving, coughing, sputtering joy. She so didn't bark like a seal! *lol* I had to watch it like a dozen times and then double check I had a proper version, correct scene. I did. I'm just silly. I was looking all over the DVD for the Barking Emma. Like she was giving birth or something, indeed.

So yeah, what's all this about me and Hugh lately?

*(Is that not the best picture?! I laugh. I laugh so loud. And hard. Laugh with me, now. Does he not look absolutely ridiculous and with full knowledge of the ludicrous pose, whitest of white torso and the leather? Who thinks Hugh Grant = Leather??)


Crystal* said...

Hugh Grant. *snickering*
It's just not right.

I have to say. I LOVE my three Hughs.
Hugh Jackman. Hugh Grant. Hugh Laurie.
And let the fantasies begin.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know what to tell you as I have spent the last week or so dreaming I could fly on a broom, cast spells, and do Arithmancy (whatever the hell that is!) I've clearly been reading too much HP, so my assumption is you're all horned up over Hugh because you watched the movie and now you can't get him out of your head.

Sigh. It ain't easy being us, Lyvvie, is it?

Ree said...

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. He so should not wear leather. Or go shirtless.

But I love the pillow dream! I must rent S&S now.

Donna said...

I really like Hugh Grant...he's a little kinky...has a great laugh! I say Have Fun dreaming!LOL...hughugs

jmc said...

I never really noticed the noise Emma Thompson made in S&S...until I watched that episode of The Vicar of Dibley.

And Hugh Grant in leather pants? Ugh. But he does look as if he is rolling his eyes about the entire photo. His sense of humor does seem to be the most attractive thing about him.